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There will be a reckoning if this madness continues, in my opinion.

Blah, blah, blah.....docking sheeple....god save us all. Led by the nose into servitude.

28 Aug 2020

Read the articles.......roughly translated...lets stuff all covid patients that need hospitalisation from the rest of the u.k. to Exeter. Additionally those patients that have major issues breathing need high altitude sickness treatment not mechanical ventilation which has a death rate of up to 80% when placed on one of these machines. ...

Who cares....NOT ME. Me and MINE is all that counts in this depraved day and age. This once proud country built on the bodies of millions of proud men and woman who gave their lives for freedom from tyranny and freedom of speech. God this b******t really F&^%$ me off to the marrow. And I know where I would place my knee and it wouldn't be on the ground.

Old people !
21 Aug 2020

@Lynne , thanks for the input.

20 Aug 2020

Just had a walk down by St Gregory's Church and as I came out of the grounds towards Dawlish Water. I was surprised to see about 20ish fairly old people (60-80 ) sitting on chairs in a tight circle behind Newhay Close on the field. My concern was that they were all within arms length of each other and not wearing masks. A few of them had even driven their cars along the footpath and parked on the ...

@Fredbassett......very true mate, go on YouTube and see it from the mouths of NHS staff that wards have been empty since the beginning of lockdown in many hospitals. NHS staff have been sent home. Nightingale units in total were literally unused. Now flip that to the suffering and deaths of the number of people who have not been able to get the nhs care they needed for other than covid. ...

10 Aug 2020

Rumbling noise
10 Aug 2020

@Daverc - thanks......

So the upshot of this will more than likely be the outcome the owners have wanted through their actions that have left the property in the current state, in my opinion. I cannot see any chance of the authorities doing anything else as they have done absolutely noithing to date to enforce the owners to act under the current poiwers of listed building status. Other than deny planning permission. Tax ...

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