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I assume it was the cabin fever brought on by the elusive covid 19. Ended up in Teignmouth which was packed with people as well.

Pfizer vaccinations
11 Nov 2020

@leatash .... I would be interested to hear how it goes. How about a weekly entry on how your body reacts or not to the creation of the covid spike protein in your body.

11 Nov 2020

Interesting article about Mrna covid vaccine and your body.

Not great pics a s I used my phone to take the pics. Still gives you an  idea of how big it is in relation to the sea wall. =

Pfizer vaccinations
11 Nov 2020

What a coincidence Pfizer established a lab in Wuhan in 2009 to extend its current facilities at the time in Shanghai. With the purpose of liaising with local research institutes. 90 percent effective, but of the 40,000 plus participants over 90 percent were given the placebo. They were ...


24 Oct 2020


21 Oct 2020

A website that shows daily deaths throughout England by age breakdown and most are in the 80 range throughout. The stats go from the 2nd April 2020 to 21st Oct 2020. Also the person could have had a (dubious) positive test for covid in the 28 days prior to death. It is now flu seasons, but there are ...

Anything that is beneficial to the local community reduce or get rid of entirely on the feeble excuse of saving money whilst those in charge do what they want with OUR money, in my opinion.

Like mind......don't you want to know the facts surrounding this most basic of information. Or are you content to just know there are 3 people who have tested positive and not question the circumstances.

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