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14 Dec 2021 13:38

Words of inspiration from Dawlish-based psychotherapist and life coach Jody Merelle.

Just before I sat down to write these words I had a really uplifting call with a colleague. She was on her way home following a particularly stressful meeting and had stopped at a coffee shop


Teignpot the 2nd
Teignpot the 2nd
16 Dec 2021 09:30

Live for the moment, enjoy life as much as possible. Don't get fixated on all the bull the media and the government spout, they have their own agenda and, in my opinion, it is not in your interest but theirs.


Hug a friend today and appreciate the little things in life because it will all be over quicker than you think.


Go outside and take a deep breath and close your eyes and just listen to the planet.

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