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Pfizer vaccinations
14 Feb 2021

As over 99 percent of the population has not died from covid and the majority dont even realise they have/had covid and the average age of those who die WITH covid is around 82.5 years of age with underlying health issues I see little reason in taking the jab myself. I will not take an experimental vaccine that has only been minimally tested over a few months that has been rushed out on ...

Money for old rope, in my opinion.

Be better of spending the same one on a used laptop that already has a monitor and hard drive. Unless you are sitting at a desk with an available monitor it's pretty useless. In this day and age you can get a reasonable used desktop for the same money with more power and storage.

Clap For Heroes
9 Jan 2021

The successive governments have laid waste to beds and hospital for decades and every year come winter it is the same old story of abmbulances lined up outside hospitals with patients waiting to be seen. You can end up waiting hours in A and E to be seen when you are the only patient there. G.p's have had a payrise this year, but to actually see one in the flesh is not very easy. I would say ...

25 Dec 2020

Like they say if you have to ask you cant afford it.

It feels like 2020 was the tornado of incompetence sweeping across a once mighty nation. We are now in the eye of that tornado and its picked up a lot more crap and speed. Time to get your supplies in for the forseeable future. Dont and you will regret it, in my opinion. This deal that everyone is banging on about is so great. It reminds me of my first car. Lack of knowledge, rose tinted ...

25 Dec 2020

Oven ready meal, an out of date, overside turkey ready for the oven.

Well Boris wasnt lying when he said it would be an oven ready meal. About 6 hrs at 200 C I would say.

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