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Just leave it alone. It's fine as it is and without the need for the new micro playpark.

Pics 04 02 2018
4 Feb 2018

1 Feb 2018

In my opinion a lot of the issues we have and others have in their countries over acts off terrorism and race issues sits squarely at the feet off the governements of those countries and their politicians. Their lack of decisiveness over immigration policies and their willingness to wage war in heavily populated civilian area's in their crusade to eradicate a small percentage of alleged terrorists ...


The UK in space
22 Jan 2018

I believe humans need to get their collective act together on Earth before we inflict the same mayhem around the rest of the Universe.

One of the few places that kids can go in Dawlish to do something they like doing. If the fence was ok and nothing illegal/criminal is going on then leave it as it is, why spend money replacing a perfectly good fence. In my own paranoid point of view, I would say that the council wants to stop the self expressionism (graffiti) going on the fence, but, in my opinion, in true council style they ...

Pics 14 01 2018
14 Jan 2018

If you want to get rid of all the ads off whilst surfing on your pc you can install adblock plus and adblocker ultimate, works for me.. not an add insite. Same goes for your phone, just install an adblocker browser from the playstore.


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