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10 Jan 2018

M&S food has always been pricey, but, in my opinion, of a better quality than most. No one is forced to buy there and there is plenty of competition these days.

@Lynne - appreciate heads up.

Pics 07 01 2018
7 Jan 2018

You've only got to have a walk around and see how lacking in common sense a lot of people are these days. Not to mention ignorant, self centred, aggresive, disrespectful and lacking any social graces, in my opinion.

Since the completion of The Point car park defences the beach has changed and does not seem in any hurry to revert back. In the 15+ years I have lived down here I have never seen the area around The Point car park so eroded and at the same time very large build up of sand before the erosion area and on the tip of The Point car park, where the sheds are during the Summer. I am aware that the ...

Typical infantile remoaner gesture. It seems deomcracy is only effective when it goes the way of those in power want it. A vote took place and the majority said OUT, that is democracy. I appreciate there is a need for a deal on how we trade with the tin pot dictator's who control the member states after we leave the eu.  Although it doesn't help having a government that does not want to ...

@Diana Mond - genuine and diana mond don't make me laugh. Why should there be restrictions on where and when this money should be spent other than councillors itchy fingers?

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