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20 Mar 2018 10:10

At a time when the people of Teignbridge are being told that there is little money for essential services.

This after the councils purchase of the Newton Abbot shopping centre for £13 million and now £30 million to be invested in Newton Abbot over the next few years.

It doesnt look like the rest of Teignbridge is getting a fair share from the council.

The 11 major projects that will transform Newton Abbot:-


Before the usual ones say 'oh, but it comes from blah, blah, blah'. Yes, I am aware the money may come from this, that or the other, but what a pile of excuses. Teignbridge is in need of serious investment in ESSENTIAL services across Teignbridge and what do we get Newton Abbot getting a spruce up.

Even when Dawlish gets millions spent on it, the end result is a dirty footpath, less parking and shop keepers lost profits during and after the work.

A cycle path that does nothing for the safety of pedestrians and to come a micro play park on The Lawn for an excessive amount of money. Wanted by a minority of lazy parents who cannot be bothered to walk a few yards to the play park by the Manor House.

written without prejudice

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20 Mar 2018 18:09

I got told off for using blah blah blah

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