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This morning on a walk through Lea Mount, from the highest point I came across three loud mouthed young males  who have made camp with two tents just off the access point from A379. Their two dogs were running amock like they were, shouting at each other. Dawlish has certainly turned into a rather dodgey place these days, in my opinion.

Gays creamery
26 Jul 2021

@Lynne , really. This covid virus is where on the table of most deaths by in the UK at the moment! Coronavirus (covid 19) was the 26th leading cause of death in June 2021 in England (accounting for 0.9 percent  of all deaths registered in June (and we all know how dodgey these died with covid deaths are). In wales covid 19 accounted for 0.1 percent of all deaths so the numbers were to ...

26 Jul 2021

CDC issue ALERT on PCR test...July 26 2021 E.U.A is being withdrawn over concerns over accuracy or the lack of it. This includes US labs, but also the UK Lighthouse labs that were rushed out in 2020. Read it for yourself. Have a look at the BBC docu on going undercover at you know who covid testing lab, here is ...

A few Sunday pics
26 Jul 2021

Nice pics ZIGGY.

26 Jul 2021

I wouldnt put it pass them to attend if they have nothing else to do. In Australia that exact thing happened to a 14 year old kid who was shopping without a mask.

Anyone got eyes on?

I was in Sainsbury's a couple of days ago and I only saw one person without a mask who had an exception badge around their neck and all the shelves were full except the odd one that was being restocked at the time by staff. Also their was a staff member on the entrance counting people in and out. SCAMDEMIC, all Doris is doing is keeping the scaremongering going until the seasonal flu ...

Gays creamery
20 Jul 2021

How many of the public used Gays and as far as the track and trace app decided came into contact with these workers? As usual when you combine the government and nhs with i.t. you geta monumental waste of money and end up everytime with not a three legged donkey, but one with no legs at all.

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