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General Discussion

25 Oct 2021 18:24

There is a meeting of TDC Executive Cllrs on 2nd November. On the agenda are proposed sites for wind turbines. The land north of Langdon Road, Dawlish is one of the proposed sites.


This is what is written about the site:Wind Site 6 – North of Langdon Road, Dawlish Ref: WS6 Address: North of Langdon Road, Dawlish Parish: Dawlish Size: 18ha Description The site lies to the north of Dawlish. It extends from Langdon Hospital towards Langdon Road and recent and allocated development to the north of Dawlish. Potential Site Opportunities • Low carbon energy production. Potential Site Sensitivities • Within 2km of the Exe Estuary SAC/Ramsar Site/SSSI and Dawlish Warren SAC/NNR/SSSI. • Within the South Hams SAC Landscape Connectivity Zone. • Cirl Bunting presence likely. • Proximity of Langdon Fields County Wildlife Site (mixed farmland with bird interest) and Langdon Copse Unconfirmed Wildlife Site (broadleaved woodland and semi-improved grassland). • High landscape sensitivity. • Setting of heritage assets. • Residential amenity of existing dwellings. • Feedback from industry representatives that proximity of large scale existing hospital and allocated residential development may discourage wind turbine developers.

For map of this proposed wind turbine site click on this link and scroll down p to page 25    

28 Oct 2021 11:00

What the above doesn't mention is that this potential wind farm site would also be adjacent to (if not also taking part of) land allocated in the present Local Plan for recreational purposes - playing fields, allotments and the like.  Land known as DA6 in TDC plannerspeak. Just wondering out loud what impact the location of wind turbines might have on any ball playing games. I know we are all used to rain stopping play but might it be a case of wind doing so as well?  


This is what the current Local Plan says about DA6: DA6 Dawlish Green Infrastructure Approximately 15 hectares of strategic green infrastructure will be delivered in the form of a strategic ‘blue and green’ route from development proposed in policy DA2 to Dawlish Warren Road, including: a) a pedestrian/cycle route with linear open space along the Shutterton Brook; b) community park with sports pitch and play/informal open space; c) allotments and community orchard for local food production; and d) complementary suitable alternative natural green space. 


(DA2 is land allocated for housing development where Persimmon is presently building plus land at Secmaton and Gatehouse Farms and a few other adjacent smaller pieces of land).

30 Oct 2021 08:49

Effects of wind turbines on human health:

Also live near one and expect to sell your house, expect to get less potential buyers and also see an impact  to how much you may be offered. Who wants a whoosh, whoosh, whoosh tremor pulsing through your house everytime the wind blows, potentailly 24 hours a day 7 days a week during certain times of the winter. They certainly dont locate these in locations they tink wont get optimal wind do they.


Recycling of old wind turbines, big problem:



Scale of 2 mega watt unit


2 mega watt wind unit


2 mega watt blades



15 Nov 2021 13:06

This proposal is now open for the public to register their comments. The consultation commenced wef 12 noon 15th November 2021 and will end 12 noon 24th January 2022.

This is how you can register your thoughts with TDC.



How to Comment:

Comment on the Draft Local Plan 2020-2040 (Part 3) by completing the Local Plan Review Part 3 Online Comment Form

You can also download a printable version of the comments form


If you are unable to comment via the online comments form, please send your comments by email to

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