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And a very nice Norton

Sequentially taken shots.

The dog seemed okay and had a bowl with some water, but if the sun had come out the temp in the car would have climbed very quickly. All 4  windows were just over an inch wide all the way round and it was quite humid. DON'T LEAVE A DOG IN A LOCKED CAR DURING HOT WEATHER UNATTENDED!!!!!!!!!!!!

@leatash and cassandra, thankyou.

1 Sep 2018

Whilst having a pleasant walk along the sea wall from Dawlish to Dawlish Warren a scumbag thought it would be entertaining to lob, what looked like a 1 inch by 2 inch dark colured pebbel/stone out of the railway carriage. The object hit my wife wife with enough force to cause pain and leave a mark on her T shirt. The object had enough force to bounce off my wife at some speed and off the sea ...

Around 17:40hrs on Tuesday 28th August 2018 -  3 white males were seen alongside a blue Landrover Discovery and a yellow van. Later that evening on a walk I noticed the van had actually been dumped. The condition of the van was such that it could not have been driven there under its own steam and had not been road taxed since the early 1990's. The fact that it was left at the top of Badlake ...

They just crack me up, they refuse based on what! Might have been an idea to have raised those instances when the planning app for 1000's of homes was submitted, our elected officials rarely, in my opinion, represent the feelings of the local residents, am I wrong?

Although they see nothing wrong having 1000's of home's built with little to no supporting infrastructure, outstanding. Keep up the great work elected officials.

@S .. do you have the same view towards, say the quran?

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