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21 Nov 2018

I would suspect that there will be an angle to this, most probably the old camel h*****s will want something from the British for his release.

21 Nov 2018

Anyone, everyone!

Brexit - Part 1
21 Nov 2018

In my opinion, those that actually run our country are more than likely quite happy with the way things are going. It's not much different to many wars/conflicts that have and are ongoing around the world and that is those at the top of the tree prosper in good and bad times, but more so when things are bad. Again, in my opinion, the politicians are merely puppets to give the electorate a ...

Seems attracted to the BBC outside broadcast cameras. Outside the Houses of Parliament this morning on BBC 1 news, yawn.

At a time when Teignbridge council say there is little money for the district. All I see in the local papers over the last couple of years is tens of millions being spent on Newton Abbot and very little anywhere else. Latest info was gleamed from this weeks Dawlish Post page 5.

New Cycle Lane Signs
23 Oct 2018

As much use as a chocolate teacup.

Sir Clegg, only in politics can a loathsome failure of a human rise so high and squirrel away so much. As to a job with Facebook, I think not. This is a payoff for direct communications into the stinky bowels of those that run the stinking pile of plop we call the U.K. government, in my opionion.

Who sets the times for these meetings? Would it not be an idea to have the Dawlish times the same as the other ones so that people who work a 9-5 might get a chance to attend.

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