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Looking Good
17 Apr 2021

In a nut shell the discussion above demonstrates why many people don't bother to post on this site anymore or sparingly

1984 IS HERE TO STAY, in my opinion.

Pfizer vaccinations
26 Mar 2021


Its a field with a small car park rather extreme calling it a country park

Should be used to house anyone illegally trying to get from France to the U.K. and when full ship them back to France.

Pfizer vaccinations
14 Mar 2021


9 Mar 2021

@HuwMattews2     and a 125,000 have not died of/with covid either.

7 Mar 2021

But the problem is the covid wards are just normal wards with patients who have covid and new patients who come on the ward and contract covid whilst there. I should know my dad went into hospital a short while ago and had 2 tests for covid which were both negative and then the third being the charm was positive and now he is dead. Died with covid ! The difference between those with money is ...

26 Feb 2021

@leatash ....

25 Feb 2021

@leatash ..and that is the worrying part that you do not understand.

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