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General Discussion

Same old hollow promises every GE. Either cons in power or lab in power and the other party just sits on the opposite benches. As long as we have the current voting system we will continue to have the same issues. Since the 2016 referendum we have seen the true colours of the majority of m.p's in all their technicolored self serving, self importantance. Nothing will change after the ...

Sea Wall
14 Nov 2019

Gravy train on steroids. These workers get paid well for this project, but the toffs at the top .....well that is another world. The more workers the more money up the chain of command. The only people who lose are the millions on low earnings who pay the most compared to the corporations.

@lynne  ..  may as well vote labour then, never ticked that box before.

9 Nov 2019

I am voting brexit party and if labour get in you can blame the conservatives, end off.

8 Nov 2019

I am sick of people saying that if you vote for the brexit party you will be letting labour etc into power. Well if all the idiots voting conservative for brexit are the ones actually causing the problem. Do you really think voting conservative is going to get you out of the EU, I don't think so. As far as I am concerned all the parties in Westminster have been an absolute disgrace since ...

7 Nov 2019

Brexit won't be posting their candidate until the 14th, supposedly. I certainly won't be voting for any of the above, certainly not photo shoot girl.

Sea Wall
6 Nov 2019

Same thing during the previous sea wall reinstatement. I took plenty of pics of that with 10 to 20 orange jackets standing around whilst one bloke operated a JCB. I think its what you would call a gravy train.

Bluster and bull from all the parties for the next 5 weeks. Promises I have heard many times come a general election. Same old swamp and same old stink. My prediction for the 12 Dec 2019 and beyond will be the same old self serving, self opinitated trough gorging members of parliament will be reinstated to their thrones of greed and gluttony. Just as they have been for decades. The ...

@1263 ....T..T.....

26 Oct 2019

Funny how the most destructive and invasive species on the planet. See other species as invasive and destructive who have zero impact to this planet compared to humans.

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