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Bye Bye 2019
31 Dec 2019

Not really, if it was true democracy the Brexit party would have been the party in opposition for the next term. We still have the masses being forced to vote tactically to stop labour getting into no 10 rather than the party they would rather democratically vote for. This is why we will always have the 2 biggest and corrupt, self serving parties in charge until the voting system is ...

Nice pics, thanx 4 sharing..... Merry Xmas & happy new year.

At 14:00 hrs today the waves off Dawlish Warren were quite spectacular. High tide is at 15:06 hrs! Will post a few pics later.

I struggled to get job seekers allowance on three ocassions over a 30 year employment history when I was made redundant each time. Come the apocalypse there won't be handouts from those that work...oh I forgot labour did not win the 2019 GE..ha ha

Time will tell, but based on previous decades the only good things that will happen is for the m.p's. With allowances, 2nd homes, office expenses, non receipted monthly allowances, yearly above inflation pay rises etc etc etc etc etc  need I go on. Need I say their already over inflated salaries. As for the common folk I predict more taxes, taxes, taxes and more taxes. to be tied to the ...

13 Dec 2019

Well that was a surprise! Now wait for the great stitch up by the cons. Brexit in name only. Farage's comments on how bad things will get in the coming months will more than likely come true.

12 Dec 2019


12 Dec 2019

I base this prediction on the past 3 and a half years of m.p.'s giving the electorate the finger, much more than they have ever done in the past. I beleive labour will have the assistance of certain comrades in other countries to manipulate social media to sway the vote to their favour. Well we all will know tomorrow. Oh, also the possible double voting by students and mass postal voting ...

Climate change.......India, usa,Russia, China, south america!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anything the UK gets forced into for this sham would have the same effect as using a thimble to bale out the titanic as it went down Wake up people and realise that you are being scammed.

The only thing that will change after Dec 12th GE is one of two things 1)  Cons get in and we will be screwed over by Boris's renamed may treaty. 2) Labs get in and our economy will dry out quicker than a dog turd in the sahara sun. It still amazes me that people are still taken in by what comes out of these politicians mouths. We as a population are being steered into ...

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