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As my gran use to say...stupid is as stupid does....I watched several groups of people walk past my house today rubbing shoulders. I will be going to sainsburys next week for my shopping and I will be wearing my p3 respirator and goggles and thoroughly decontaminating my clothes, shoes and shopping when I get home and a shower. Then its in the house for another 14 days. I wonder if ...

8PM CLAP for the NHS
27 Mar 2020

Maybe our illustrious m.p. could put that forward, oh....I forgot they have just gone off on a months holiday jolly !!!!!!

27 Mar 2020

The NHS are on the front line of this war and deserve our respect. As to issue with NHS personnel getting shopping. Would it not be possible for hospitals to setup a location on site, say a shipping container as a make shift shop, where supermarkets could deliver stock directly and NHS staff could then pick up on end of shift?

And his round again, chatting a couple of feet apart as if its a normal day. Wish he would abide by the rules currently in place.

@leatash ,    Maybe, but it seems any excuse is good enough for most of those overpaid wasters, in my opinion.

26 Mar 2020

what a bunch

plenty of commercial passenger planes coming into the uk today:- london singapore santiago london warsaw london london kuala lumpur london madrid london barcelona london glasgow london helsinki london prague london dublin vancouver london moscow london london berlin zurich london and the list goes on and on and on.

Need i say it, son round again in his little builders van...although last 2 days he has parked it right down the other end of the road out of sight......sigh.......with dickheads like this what chance have the rest of us got? No point having rules if u cannot enforce them and sheeple will follow. oh well the fence is going to look tip top. MY MISTAKE THE SON IS PAINTING THE OUTSIDE OF ...

25 Mar 2020

Son back round again today to  paint fence, yesterday and today they were standing within a couple feet of each other. Is it worth your life and others!

24 Mar 2020

is it just me or are people just trying to get infected. or may be he just wants to do his old parents in, just a thought

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