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COVID Boosters
30 Oct 2021

By definition of a vaccine by the C.D.C these injections are NOT vaccinations. Got a problem with it take it up with the C.D.C. Is anyone's medical history checked by a qualified medical professional to assess before the injection? Is the person being advised of the possible complications so they can make a balanced decision on whether to actually take it

I have been on the planning site for all 3 applications to either build or change use of and all 3 no longer seem to have the letters people wrote in objecting to this parcel of land. Am I looking in the wrong place or have they been deleted? The roads up to meadow park are not suitable for the types of lorries and/or the volume of construction traffic that will be required to build these ...

Effects of wind turbines on human health: Also live near one and expect to sell your house, expect to get less potential buyers and also see an impact  to how much you may be offered. Who wants a whoosh, whoosh, whoosh tremor pulsing through your house everytime the wind blows, potentailly 24 hours a day 7 days a week during certain times of the winter. They ...

The petrol station was 2 deep at all the pumps this morning at 07:20 hrs, just the start I would thought of panic buying due to idiotic government and media scaremongering. Although the supermarket was literally empty. Although it had only just opened....toilet rolls, tins, vits and petrol sorted.

They have built a small housing plot on the area nearest the woods already. I would assume Lord Hoity Toity most probably got a taste for it when he sold the first plot down there. Also the road the housing estate was built off was setup for a continuation to build at some point in the future just like the other road terminations down there. Bunting Way as I believe off Southdown Road. You ...

Anyone know what the excavation works are for?

This morning on a walk through Lea Mount, from the highest point I came across three loud mouthed young males  who have made camp with two tents just off the access point from A379. Their two dogs were running amock like they were, shouting at each other. Dawlish has certainly turned into a rather dodgey place these days, in my opinion.

Gays creamery
26 Jul 2021

@Lynne , really. This covid virus is where on the table of most deaths by in the UK at the moment! Coronavirus (covid 19) was the 26th leading cause of death in June 2021 in England (accounting for 0.9 percent  of all deaths registered in June (and we all know how dodgey these died with covid deaths are). In wales covid 19 accounted for 0.1 percent of all deaths so the numbers were to ...

26 Jul 2021

CDC issue ALERT on PCR test...July 26 2021 E.U.A is being withdrawn over concerns over accuracy or the lack of it. This includes US labs, but also the UK Lighthouse labs that were rushed out in 2020. Read it for yourself. Have a look at the BBC docu on going undercover at you know who covid testing lab, here is ...

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