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lit up like a xmas tree last night. seemed like an awful lot of lights for a skeleton crew.

14 Jun 2020

A cruise ship with the capacity for 4,724 passengers and 1386 crew is currently on its way into Torbay. May 15th Gibraltar May 20th Dubrovnik June 03rd Barcelona June 12th Dover June 14th Torbay  16:30hrs arrival. Hope they remember and practice the 2m distance rule. Who in their right mind would get on this massive incubator during a pandemic. Not much hope for the human ...

@burnside.....we are not there yet. i have no faith in what this government says. i will only believe it when we actually leave and not until. mind u come 2021 the government will more than likely be driven by thg black lives matter group.

New sea defences have been ripped a part by sea erosion and it isn't going to get better anytime soon.

8 Jun 2020

@flo ....i think u have been self isolating for faaaaaaaaaaaaaar toooooooo looooooooooonnnnnnnnngggggg! you need to get out into the fresh air, oh wait a minute you did at the weekend. there's always one who thinks their opinions trump everyone else's.

8 Jun 2020

@flo .....merriam webster definition of a retard........a foolish or stupid person. Its not my problem if you have a limited understanding of the uses of the word RETARD. Or you just like to troll poeple on this site.....uhm reminds of someone who use to post on here.

8 Jun 2020

@flo .. everyone is allowed to have an opinion, but its people like you who are the problem and with the attitude you have i suppose you had a good weekend in Bristol/London this weekend just gone.

7 Jun 2020

What a sad country this has become. The government should be renamed to the incompetent squad as they do very little governing at the moment. I thought Boris bought a couple of water canons a few years ago and everyone poo pood it and they were sold for peanuts. They need these water canons filled with permanent dye and irritant and disperse these retards asap.

6 Jun 2020

@burnside...indeed and what did our government do?

6 Jun 2020

More than 160,000 allied troops landed on the shoreline of France to fight nazi Gemany. what happened in central London today?

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