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Today i went shopping, a stressfull chore every two weeks. The last couple of months i have equipped myself with a gvs elipse a1p3 respirator and a pair of dewalt goggles. i fully shave my face and fully sterilise the mask and goggles between shops on top of that they are not used for the fortnight between shops either. on arriving at either sainsburys or morrisons i put the mask on and ...

Do people die of covid 19? Or do they die from the covid 19 lowering their immunity to the point that something else is able to take hold? Have overall death rates increased this year, month by month, over the last 10 years. I had a look around the internet and it was interesting to put the covid 19 pandemic deaths into context with all other deaths that occur year on year. ...

So clear you could see all the way to Hope's Nose

Tonights sunset
12 May 2020

The pics do not do tonights sun set justice, the red/pink was amazing.

Noisey house alarm
8 May 2020

@Carer ... good idea, but no one is currently living there

7 May 2020

A house alarm has been sounding every 15 mins on and 15 mins off since 5 am this morning. Very annoying like my neighbours.

Not as far as my dopey neighbour is concerned His garden is toxic as hell with the stuff he has sprayed on it. He also tips all his garden waste into tha alley next to him. law unto himself, miserable old t@#t.

1 May 2020

When did hedge trimming become an essential service. Thanks for the early morning wake up call...WOODY'S.

thanks for the replies.

30 Apr 2020

Last few weeks have been very quiet, but today the number of vehicles seems to have increased quite a bit. Anyone else seeing this were they live?

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