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During sept work will be carried out day and night, five hours either side of low tide. They will be taking continual deliveries of plant machinery and concrete from Teignmouth docks, drilling foundations, etc. Taken from a letter from network rail dated 27 August 2019.

Anyone else in dawlish just got a power outage?

Funny how you can hardly move in the city of london for coppers and the security services, but everywhere else has their numbers slashed!

Politicians would guarantee the moon was made of cheese to get their own way, but the sad thing is some of these dimwits would believe it.

Thanks ShyTalk 47

Water fowl
3 Aug 2019

Might be worth asking  the people who run the wildfowl setup?

c SShame the pic looks pretty poor quality over the original 15.43 mbytes down to around 270k, shame.

Need my flat roof and balcony replaced. Any decent companies that serve Dawlish?

High Court Case
23 Jul 2019

They never thought the vote would be in favour of leaving, the 'deal' may was handed by the eu was not negotiated it was handed to may to push through the plebs at westminster. More than 17 million voted to get out of the eu crapper. It will be interesting to see how these votes are played at the next ge. If Farage's party results at the eu are anything to go by and boris does not leave in ...

see my post on majorp SEA WALL post

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