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The roads were bumper to bumper through teignmouth to morrisons. In my book that is good for our bit of the world. Total uk pop who has/is sufferring from covid is supposedly....wait for it....quarter of one percent of the population! I know that stat is only valid for people who have  açtually been tested, it is more likely millions of us have had it and just thought it was flu. ...

A few more pics...

Boris show boating again!

What a mess.
25 Jun 2020

have put pics of the lethal rebar sticking out of the dawlish beach. you only see it when the beach has been severely eroded, but then they are covered with sea water and look like idylic sea pools. Someone or someones dog is going to end up impaled and/or get a severe foot injury from all the sharp bits of metal lodged in the buried concrete on the beach. Doubt anything will be done ...

And next time China causes another SARS outbreak....I see very little being done by the so called leaders of the free world to stop China from actively causing the next pandemic. If you look at the stats for deaths in 2002-2004 and then look at the current death stats for 2019-2020 it doesnt take a f******g rocket scientist to see the next out break will be potentially much worse.

Will the Government forcefully push track and trace? A once in a lifetime for a Democratic government to push a system of monitoring onto a population.

Positive!  most of the problems we have are due to the governments we have. The bottom line with these people is WHATS IN IT FOR ME, everything else is secondary.  Wake up and smell the coffee.

Carnival Valor is now here, quite a sight to behold....upwards of 1 to 2 billions pounds sterling of ships when built. Now worth, uhm..............not a lot then add the debt the company has plus the massive amount of money already paid in reservation for this years cruises. Anyone want to buy a cruise ship on the cheap now is the time to do it. oh....and the approx £250 million a month ...

You can always rely on our councils and government to spend as much as THEY like on what ever THEY like when ever THEY like. It's not like there is a problem getting more, is there !

19 Jun 2020

2020 will go down in history as one of the times when our social structure and government went totally tits up.

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