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General Discussion

I have a few suggestions:- 1) Daily pickup of litter and dog poop around 7 a.m. 2)  An actual enforcement of The Lawn rules of use i.e. prohibition notices. 3) A new bandstand in keeping with Dawlish's Victorian heritage. 4) NO further development of The Lawn. 5) Disband The Lawn working party.

What a lovely Sunday afternoon in Dawlish.


1 Apr 2018

It's a shame that some of the companies tasked to enforce the anti littering do not abide with the letter of the law themselves. I have read articles where they try and charge people who just accidental drop things from their pockets, bread for the ducks or even breathing into the atmosphere and then try and stop them from picking the said item back up. If you ever get into that situation get your ...

Nice pic ZIGGY.

What's left of them from the last time they were butchered down to just a trunk.

Based on the activities of current and previous Dawlish council's I am not surpised in the least when it concerns the micro play park for lazy parents.

It is called canker not cancer and the trees can have periods of remission and even recovery. In my opinion the large tree's are seen as a liability by those in charge and any excuse to chop them down and concrete over The Lawn for special projects.

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