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We will hit the wall of collapse of society by 2074...’ – is the stark warning a Dawlish climate researcher and author has sent this week to the Prime Minister and the Government’s Chief Scientist. Martin Heath, an independent councillor on Dawlish Town Council, made the declaration after he predicted last year that by this May, Can these guys do the job they were elected to do and deal ...

Threre's nearly £350,000 savings to start with...... Four candidates have come forward for the election to become police and crime commissioner for Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. The vote for a four-year term of office for the £86,700-a-year job was postponed from 2020 due to the pandemic and takes place alongside local council elections on Thursday, May 6.

20 Apr 2021

Yes, the same old mantra about why we have no money rather than how much is wasted e.g Newton Abbot centre, costs of uplifting flytipping because of the bin tax.You will have heard the saying you cut the cloth to match income and instead off grandoise schemes get the basics right. You fail to mention that the general public are funding their defined benefit pensions which changing  would be a ...

19 Apr 2021

Noted in the circular from the Lib-Dems that Devon County Councilh as millions in the bank. So why are we paying ever increasing rates for ever decreasing services.- I notice NO local councillor has cutting or holding  rate increases as thier priority but are more intrested in "holistic " projects and how long they have lived in the area amd think everything is rosey in the garden. ...

Looking Good
16 Apr 2021

@vicks - surely your not anothr of these "woke" people.?

Pfizer vaccinations
24 Feb 2021

Always remember folks....opinions are like ar*eho*es ...everybody''s got one.!!!

"More on..." Guides
7 Dec 2020

"I must say, that it would be nice to think that there was a forum for serious, intelligent discussion and debate" - maybe there is but this isn't  it and never will be...

4 Dec 2020

I know what iriony is because I have grown up, however  I bet  you will be glad when schools go back  rather than  waste time on purile  posts.....

2 Dec 2020

What is this crap..................

lobotomy dems
25 Nov 2020

What's the background with Martin wriggley failing to apply for grants that other towns got "because he thought we would not get it"?

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