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what a load of boll***ks- more woke crap

Langstone cliff hotel
27 Aug 2020

What's going on there? £2.50 to park your car.!!! How to lose local business

Very good boot sale, facilities good and well laid out. hope it becomes a regular feature.

No Cover
20 Jul 2020

@brooklyn bridge Contact  your local MP and  Hernandaz the loco crime commisioner  after all she pleaded for  more rates money to recruit more police officers and ends up and buying tazers. No doubt the begging bowl will come out next march saying she needs more money due to covid.

9 Jun 2020 As per my first post.....time these skyrats are c ulled one interested  enough to comment apart from me.......................

8 Jun 2020

I am s ure deedoodle will lend yo u his webster dictionary if yo u ask him nicely

8 Jun 2020

@flo Yo u are taking deedoodles word o u t of context, this post is abo ut BLM, not labels attached to children. He believes that word covers the idiots who are bent on mayhem and violence against the police and wanton destr uction u nder the g uise of peacef ul demonstration......Yo ur iss ue is that yo u do not like this word and the problem is yo u think it sho uld not be ...

let's be honest, who in thier right mind wo uld want to be associated with the lib-dems after their performance so far in teignbridge co uncil.........................

Move on...this gets boring

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