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The cottage is made of cob and it is a well known fact that if cob dries out the building crumbles. The upkeep of the rendering is crucial.

Dorian I think you are right that there is someone living there. I passed on Friday evening and a window was open but closed yesterday. It certainly looks as though the property is inhabited.

So, the usual suspects are back to their bullying ways. Why the question mark LikeableRat? I think Councillor Linda Petherick made it very clear in her post a few weeks ago what Burneside's relationship is to me. However, the rest of her information just showed how out of date she is.

@Mrs C, you are absolutely right about mis-information being given out. Many people were told that the proposed new building was only twice the size of the current bandstand. When people found out the truth they were horrified and started to lodge objections. Views differ on the use of pre-prepared objection letters, but when many people have the same points to raise it is accepted that ...

5 Aug 2014

@Mrs C, I do not understand how you can accuse the Gazette of being biased over the developments for the lawn when the sheer volume of the objections logged with TDC are now over the 200 mark compared to the half dozen letters in support. You appear to be the one out of step with the majority of the people of Dawlish. BTW, as for your skills in proof reading, you need to learn how to use the ...

Yes the volunteers will have support and back up from a range of sources. Members of the F&GP committee asked very searching questions about the support the volunteers would get.

The cafe had made Coryton Cove a very special place again. Those of us who spent happy hours relaxing and enjoying the excellent food and service will miss this and the excellent hosts who were always so welcoming. Hopefully TDC  will get another structure in place quickly but will that help the current lease holders?

I too am a keen cyclist and love using the cycle paths but Fred has got a really valid point here. If money is so tight, and we all know it is, and it is a choice between essential services such as day care services for my 87 year old mother or an extension of the Exe estuary cycle path then there is no contest in my book. My mother worked all her life and contributed her taxes and national ...

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2 Mar 2014

Thanks for the update Elvis. It never was about the free food - although nothing is free in life - it was about the contract to supply and if it is being handled locally then that is good.

2 Mar 2014

leatash, Reasearch is my middle name! I have been out there talking to cafe owners so know what is going on and how badly they are being affected.

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