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General Discussion

Only in Dawlish!
14 Jul 2019

There we were, watching an exciting men’s Wimbledon final  and in the last set at 4 each..............the screen goes blank and the generator has failed! Only in Dawlish!

Build the wall but done take someone’s livelihood away needlessly!

And then it’s 24 hours a day from September until they finish, supposedly mid-January!

Sea wall
12 Jul 2019

The trains do not compare to the horrendous noise from the work on the wall! Yes, the work has to be done but the line isn’t breached, like it was in 2014, so there is no need to work all day and night. We should have at least two nights a week without any work so we can get a decent nights sleep! It’s all to do with profit margins and greed and they don’t give a dam about the impact on the lives ...

This is devasting news. The cafe brought the cove back to life and has been hugely popular for the last three years. Why are Newtwork Rail being allowed to destroy Dawlish and wreck someone’s livelihood? What are our councillors doing to support Ian and Marco? Network Rail run their own vehicles along the wall so why can’t Ian do the same with his little pizza van? When the wall is completed ...

The BBC is outdated and needs to move into the 21st centuary. If we want to watch BBC then we should pay like we do for Sky or any other service and if we don’t then we shouldn’t be paying, it really is that simple! I happily pay for Sky yet rarely watch the British Bias Corporaton(BBC) so why should I have to pay for something I choose not to Watch? I’m now ready for the volley of ...

lobotomy dems
15 Jun 2019

Are the Lib Dem’s completely bonkers? Yes! Why would they block an air show in this area when history proves the massive impact on tourism and trade it has! And as for the climate impact, look at China, India and the USA for climate impact, what we do will always be a tiny, tiny, tiny, drop in the massive ocean! We really are in for a very rough four years under the Lib Dem’s!

Vote for your independent Dawlish Councillors tomorrow.

Vote for your local independent councillors, they are not told what to say and how to vote by their political party, they generally want to do the best for Dawlish and the people of Dawlish. Let’s take the politics out of local council decision making.

And believe me majorp, it’s no different at local level!!

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