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I suspect it’s all gone quiet as those councillors who want the playpark also want to be re-elected but wouldn’t be if they were to speak the truth about their wishes and plans. I suggest you don’t vote for anyone who has not spelt out very clearly what they propose to do for the town.

May's Brexit Betrayal
12 Feb 2019

@Scapegoat , based on your evidence and research just how are the youths of our country and the poor and middle earners going to be harmed?

Brexit - Part 2
2 Jan 2019

Thanks Leatash, excellent!

As you can see Webmaster, your fix has worked, so thank you for your time and patience.

4 Dec 2018

@calamari, what a thoroughly unpleasant person you are. Yes it has been a pain in the butt and I wanted to get it sorted and the Webmaster kindly did that for me. I think I was quite polite in my posts and really didn’t deserve your venom. I don’t come on all that often now because of people like you and your nasty uncalled for posts. You tell me to get a life, well, I’d say you are the one who ...

4 Dec 2018

Thank you Webmaster, I’ve signed in for the umpteenth time today so I’ll see what happens.

4 Dec 2018

Thanks Webmaster, I really appreciate your help.

4 Dec 2018

Well, I’m delighted for you, it must make you feel very happy.

4 Dec 2018

Thanks for your reply Webmaster, I’ve signed in again for the third time this morning so I can reply to you! Up until last week I didn’t have this problem, nothing’s changed on my systems only the website has changed. I’ll give it a few more days but if the problem persists I will gracefully withdraw!

4 Dec 2018

Absolutely not, just a pain in the butt!

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