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General Discussion

Thanks Webmaster, I really appreciate your help.

4 Dec 2018

Well, I’m delighted for you, it must make you feel very happy.

4 Dec 2018

Thanks for your reply Webmaster, I’ve signed in again for the third time this morning so I can reply to you! Up until last week I didn’t have this problem, nothing’s changed on my systems only the website has changed. I’ll give it a few more days but if the problem persists I will gracefully withdraw!

4 Dec 2018

Absolutely not, just a pain in the butt!

4 Dec 2018

Thanks, I did read that thread last week but 8 days on I am still having to sign in every time I come on this site! It is a glitch or bad design?

3 Dec 2018

Is everyone else having to sign in every time they come on this site or is it just me? It driving me mad!

Pollarding is just a posh name for butchering!

@Lostit , i can see why you chose that particualr name for yourself!

If the meetings were interesting then perhaps the press might turn up! By the time you have listened to everything each councillor has done over the last month, most of which isn’t relevant, then there is little time for anything else.........yawn!!!!

Spend any money available on a tasteful bandstand, which can and will attract all age groups and be an asset to the lawn area.

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