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Which is why they have changed their minds about who and what they stand for..........again!!

What the majority of the public don't know and realise is the vast amount spent on managers who are not frontline staff, have no line of sight with patients, Drs, nurses or therapists and work in premises not connected to hospitals yet are paid vast salaries for 'managing'! When the NHS was set up this level and scope of management was not required and I would say is not required now. I would even ...

Sea Wall
18 Nov 2019

Sidmouth is an excellent example. Two of the project managers and the lead engineer told me at the first consultation, in answer to my question, that man-made reefs out at sea was the best option but was also the most expensive option. I did point out that as this was a project to protect the line for the next 100 years then cutting on costs was particularly shortsighted. Surely they should have ...

18 Nov 2019

Very  very long tea/dinner breaks!! I'll post photographs of the first storm after the wall is completed, no doubt showing the 50 foot waves still crashing onto the line and over into the road!

There is a structure out at sea that is only visible in certain conditions, I can't remember what it is but it has been there for years! Perhaps that is what Lynne has seen. It is weird that it is only visible in certain weather conditions, I have observed it one day from DW and the next day cannot see it at all.

Sea Wall
13 Nov 2019

@BB, I looked out of my window 20 minutes ago and there are 10 men all standing and chatting on the sea wall, it's high tide so they cannot work but..........hey ho let's have chat. They were there for at least 20 moniutes, on night time pay rates, doing nothing!! When I queried in June why the work had to be 24/7 when the line wasn't breached and services were running I was told by both project ...

7 Nov 2019

No BB you are not being petty, just accurate. I live opposite the sea wall and regularly observe what you have seen. The project is at least three months behind schedule and we haven't even hit winter yet! And when it's completed will it stop the 50 foot waves crashing onto the line?

Perhaps someone can ask if the rumours are true that the work is so far behind it won’t even be finished by the end of March!

Co- Op
24 Sep 2019

They are refurbishing it but mainly to reconfigure things to try and stop the thieving that goes on blatantly every night!

What on earth will this officer do? Think I’ll apply for the job, money for old rope!

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