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General Discussion

22 Feb 2018

why is it stupid? you see people in dawlish walking around doing impressions of thomas the tank engine, seriousl tooting vapour and some of the disgusting flavours into the faces of anyone without care. now @leatash i do agree with you that one rule for one, not for other, and in this case i would say ban both vapour smoking and cigarette smoking at the wheel, especially when those thomas ...

@flo - not making anything up. i asked a question to you in my first response to you, and in my thereafter i meerly asked an open question to the matter. @leatash - quite agree, thats where i park if friends are using thier space, if not sandy lane it is.

21 Feb 2018

I have friends there too. I have always parked in thier space, they move thier car for me, kindly. No propblems with that though. If your parking in someones private space that is written in thier deed/agreement then it would be no different to someone coming up and parking on ones driveway?

21 Feb 2018

@flo - i see no issue of people having a look at the sea, but is the road not being adopted a fault of the residents? i can only imagine the stress caused when the seawall was being done, infact i'd say 80% dawlish moaned and groaned at the work and congestion along exeter road during the time, do we start revoking some of the things they take for advantage too? @Diana Mond - no you ...

WWI Beacons Of Light
20 Feb 2018

We should always commemorate and remember fallen and non fallen heroes, and if the beacon was made for a reason it should be used, looked after and maintained for the reason. I fear there is so much in Dawlish that could make Dawlish so pretty, that just goes amiss. Will Cllr Wrigley also ask for the removal of the Christmas Tree dumped in the manor grounds and ask why the area is not being ...

@flo i understand that, yes. but i ask again @Diana Mond said that it;s a private roads, by signs put up by residents, and public are banned for using it, so she/he said sod em, applying sod those who live there? why? why should public need to drive down there and use the road? what benefit is it to them?

20 Feb 2018

The Lights are old, and tired, the barrier between the road and the train track is also tired and dangerous! Have considerations been taken to perhaps install new, low cost, low level lighting? Have considerations been taken to replace and make repairs to the the dividing fence? @Diana Mond - i would say 70% of the residents within sea lawn and riviera are rental tenants. rental tenants ...

So what is actually happening with the Lawn right now? Is there going to be a playpark or not?

@majorp you may have friends on bigger councils than a small town council, if we didn't have small town councils they bigger councils wouldnt have much to do. they all twiddle thumbs where needed and deal with things that don't need attention like a new playpark or a resturant on tucks plot.

Planning application
24 Nov 2017

Seriously, a site inspection, to none of the Planning Committee know the area at all?

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