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Its all free.
3 weeks ago

This past week has been a field day for the co-op shoplifters. Joints of meat, sandwhich meats by the caseload, bottles of wine,  beer or cider by the case. You would at least think they would wait until the meat has been reduced. So come on down see what you can get. Of course we all suffer with higher prices imposed to make up for loss.

Bandstand and other
16 Oct 2018

Can't be any more open than posted unless one lives under a rock. But, will clarify for you. In the bandstand, we have what appears to be homeless people and down at the other end, we have the druggies and alcoholics. Other than that what part do you not understand? Also, the town has a major problem with shoplifting, which affects all of us with higher prices.

16 Oct 2018

First, I never stated that those that appear homeless are druggies or alcoholics. And I would think that if they are in the bandstand all day and night one can safely assume they are homeless.  Yes, I agree that more should be done for those that are homeless. Suggest you read the post again.

15 Oct 2018

Now that the summer season is over it's good to see that the bandstand is finally being used. Albeit that some have made the bandstand home.  For most of the day their belongings are there some of which hangs on a nail, it's always good to have somewhere to hang your coat after a hard day.  If they are truly homeless where do they go during the day, some go to church and it's not to pray. It's for ...

Thanks for sharing, I see the usual drinking club are enjoying the sunshine.

I did't think my post through. Of course only people with Internet would be reading it. I feel more concerned with the folks that do not have the Internet and do not have the ability to do banking online.

31 Aug 2018

It makes my blood boil every time I see that commercial of Lloyds bank with the running black horse's on a beach somewhere in Wales. At the end of the commercial, it states "by your side" what a load of BS.  Its certainly not by our side or by any other communities sides that have lost the only bank in towns up and down the country. My wife went into the bank today and the line was to the front ...

I'm sick and tired of hearing about this bloody playpark. I am against it period!!! At one time I might have agreed that a playpark maybe, just maybe might a good idea. However I believe all these so-called public consultations are smoke and mirror's by the council.  I believe the council will do whatever they want. So lets rip up all the trees and plant life around the tourist centre and the wall ...

Trying to reply to you Lynne.

4 Jul 2018

Webmaster, trying to post a PM and or reply to a PM. I type it out hit send nothing happens. I had to start a new subject.

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