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The Motorist
4 Aug 2008

Actually the fault lies with Devon county council as they are responsible for the roads in the county not Dawlish council, not that they would do anything if it was their responsibility.

in my opinion the exeter inn in beach street the landlord is such a laugh and are made to feel welcome

The Motorist
2 Aug 2008

i think you will find that the yellow lines are not complete hence the reason people park there, the police have already stated to me that there is nothing they can do until Devon county council get their fingers out and complete them, until that happens it will just remain a free for all.

30 Jul 2008

weather permitting i will be out on my new suzuki bandit seeing some sights.

as the saying goes...size is everything!!!

Having lived in Dawlish for the past 7 years I find it amazing that sandy lane is been considered for development by the likes of Tesco, or whoever, it would be a massive blow for small retail shops on the high street, don’t get me wrong I do believe in fair competition and shoppers having a choice but in reality how can they compete with the Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s of to-day. I fear that Dawlish ...

Baby Black Swans
21 Oct 2007

Does anyone know what has happened to the baby black swans which hatched a few days ago on the brook? Have they been taken indoors? Or moved else ware?

I suppose the question is now the fair has albeit disappeared who will have to pay to put the lawn right, council tax payers probably, I walked down there yesterday and it looks trashed, it seems pretty obvious if you drive heavy goods vehicles on wet ground its going to sink, the fairground people seem to be oblivious to this. I cannot help but think this town is going down the pan at a geometric ...

Firstly can someone explain who Mr Gm Byers is? And WHY does he have such a vested interest in protecting this person? (Arsonist)I personally feel that individual concerned should be made to pay for the wanton damage and destruction which he has caused however long it may take and his parents to should be made to contribute to the rebuilding of the play area as well, because of there inability ...

Working class slobs
1 Jul 2007

eh hello try using a spell checker!!

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