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@wondering can't disagree with that.

yesterday at 18:01

How many car making factories closed before brexit? But it is funny that we make most of the  formula one cars in this country----they can't get the skills anywhere else Roll on brexit.

yesterday at 17:22 In case you forgot and more will follow not because of brexit. A few jobs disappeared with those closures.

yesterday at 16:50

A deal or no deal, lets get out, the sky is the limit. @Lynne . I stock pile food, but it is not because of bexit. If I see a bargain I grab it.

The Future of the Lawn - Part 3
yesterday at 09:05

So lies continue to abound everywhere. Why bother to vote for anyone when all they do is tell lies in order to get your vote?

How many people have been killed in the countries that he was in control of or  not in control of in the Middle East? Syria, Afgan, Iraq and the like. America will not release the figures, and that is not twadle.

2 days ago

Forget all that twadle, he had his thumb firmly on the situation. Look what you have now.

2 days ago

As far as I know they all do, but he got a man hanged on his lies. Remember he had weapons of mass destruction--- it was proved he  had none. And he gloried in it.

2 days ago

Tony Blaire tells lies, and who would want a liar in any power struggle?

3 days ago

There will always be shortages of something. We had a shortage of Co2, farmers are now facing a shortage of hay/straw and I sometimes have a shortage of money, but it is nothing to do with brexit.

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