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General Discussion

7 hours ago

There will be a travel fee payable by EU citizens who want to travel to EU countries after bexit. Well don't go, and see which one of the 27 would cracked first and drop the travel fee.

3 days ago

@Lynne . All governments depend on businesses, even LA's depend on businesses. I remember dear old Mr Clatworthy once saying at a council meeting "we run to council, not the chamber of trade" and that was when it was suggest there should be some free parking in Dawlish. Well he lost that battle, as we now have free parking albeit only half an hour,

3 days ago

And of those countries that export food to the UK, how many and for how long will they tollerate the situation of being held up at the ports?

3 days ago

It is highly probable that we could be (notice the word could) leaving without a deal. It may take longer to negotiate new deals with individual countries in the EU and the rest of the world after we leave, but no EU country is going to stop trading with us just because we are coming out, most would have more to lose than us. It takes years to uproot a business from hear to one where they could ...

High Street's
4 days ago

Are we the only country that is suffering on it's high street's?

1 week ago

There is a massive Police search going on tonight in Dawlish for a missing person who was last seen yesterday afternoon.

1½ weeks ago

When people come here and are prepared to spend vast sums just to stay (one hotel in London commands £20,000 per night) then that is mega bucks and the tax that is paid on such sums is mega and the money they spend is mega and the tax paid on those that spend vast sums is mega. If brexit means loosing inter -planatary agreememts, then so be it. We can do it our selves. Look at the inventions ...

1½ weeks ago

@Lynne . There is plenty of money and think of the jobs it will create.

2 weeks ago

I am an optimist. Nobody knows what will happen. As far as I can see, everything is guesswork.Would it be better to stay in----I don't know. Is the deal on the table the best deal we could get-----I don't know. If the deal is rejected, what will happen?------I don't know. What I do know is that the world is round, the sky will not fall in if any path that is taken.

@Margaret Swift . The tree hasn't been killed as you will see next year when growth starts again. @leatash . Google pollarding

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