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Dawlish News

Honesty In Dawlish
4 Jan 2013

Threads like this in the 'News' section don't appear on the home page...

30 Dec 2012

Sorry to disagree, but the Brook lights were working prior to the flood.  The black swan lights by the viaduct haven't been switched on in the 18 months I've been here. I would be interested to know when these mythical "former glories" ever existed!  Just reading the 10, 25, 50 years ago column every week in the Gazette shows that people round here have always been complaining about ...

30 Dec 2012

Re. the lights along the brook - it may have escaped your notice but they were submerged but a few weeks ago!  Once waters finally subside, I'm sure that they'll be tested and, if safe, turned back on. The Strand renewal will help breathe new life into the town, and this is just one element of the ongoing regeneration that is slowly but surely taking place. By the way, both the town council and ...

Landslip near Dawlish
25 Nov 2012

The Exeter departures to up country have been affected for days! No sign of a landslip affecting the line when walking from town earlier, so well done to all concerned.

That article is a year out of date Flo.

@stephen15 , that 15-year-old girl is now a 24-year-old woman!!  Look at the date of the original posting that @jools88 dredged up. A quick Google search indicates that, of course, there've been no 'credible' sightings of Great White Sharks in Devon waters.

Not sure what purpose was served by posting this at 8.20pm!!! The road was clear by 5.45pm!!!  I really hope though that the mess left behind by the torrent is cleared up sooner rather than later.

Or maybe not then. They're quick to criticise but slow to praise, as per usual.

24 Jul 2012

Excellent news - and a real boost for the town that I'm sure even the usual doom and gloom merchants on here would agree with.

TEIGNBRIDGE’s oldest astroturf pitch is set to replaced thanks to a £300,000 project organised by Teignbridge District Council. The Dawlish All-Weather pitch at Sandy Lane has reached a grand old age of 20 and is believed to be the oldest of its kind in Devon. However the pitch has started showing its age, and will now be replaced with a brand new, top quality all-weather pitch. £145,000 ...

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