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Dawlish News

The petition is a typical knee-jerk reaction.  How, practically five-minutes after the accident, does the originator of the petition know that speed is a factor? Where they there or are they making an assumption based upon the tittle-tattle of contributors from Facebook?

I think Fred is probably right, and even if they do paint the bay what's to stop other disabled badge holders from parking there - unless there's a great big sign saying for Tony only! (which would still get ignored)

I was in Teignmouth last night and stood right by the cafe - destroyed is a bit of an exaggeration.  Was told the kitchen is badly damaged and the rest was full of smoke but they're aiming to be up and running again soon.

There's an awful lot of abusive motorists who wouldn't agree with you Andysport

25 Sep 2015

Oh Elvis, you do make me smile - slurred typing

23 Sep 2015

Not at all Elvis, if you remember I contacted you first, and not about your singing

22 Sep 2015

Gordon Bennett, this is all beyond me.  Why don't you children play nicely and let the grown-ups have a chat, and maybe some tea and biscuits  (obviously something stronger for you Elvis)

19 Sep 2015

'Jobsworth Marshals'  or people who give up their spare time and their Sunday lie-ins to help with an event that puts Dawlish on the map? So when they are pizzing people of f for ensuring the safety of the competitors I bet they are grateful for the abuse and aggravation that they receive. If you don't like the marshals attitude then why not give up some time to do their role properly!!! ...

I get a bit fed up when kids are blamed for everything. Most young people are at home in bed a those times. Having lived in the town centre for some years I can speak from first hand knowledge that the vast majority of drunks out late at night are in their early 20's

Seriously?! Run your cold tap for 2 hours - will they refund those of us on water meters for the water used?

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