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General Discussion

Dawlish Town Council last night unanimously voted to agree financial support for the flag ship play park project in the Manor Gardens to the tune of up to £200,000, in addition to funding available from Teignbridge District Council of approx. £143,000. A big step towards seeing the project come to fruition. Exciting things to come!

Recent Burglaries
1 Apr 2022

The individuals committing burglary within our community recently all three suspects were arrested on the same night, this is thanks to an incredible response by Police response officers, traffic officers, and the Police Helicopter working to keep our community safe.

I have raised thie issue of the beach hut increase at Teignbridge in the Overview and Scrutiny Committee yesterday. The proposed budget was an item on the agenda and I robustly advised that the vast increase could not be justified in beach hut rents.  The portfolio Holder for finance has advised me that he will reconsider the increase and I am waiting to hear what the outcome is going to be.

1 Feb 2022

The last increase was last year and every other year before that

1 Feb 2022

It has increased annually before by 5%

1 Feb 2022

Hi Lynne The beach hut owners who have contacted me paid £488.06 last year the propose rent for 22/23 will be £750.  As a Teignbridge Councillor I will be robustly resisting this huge increase.

31 Jan 2022

I have been contacted by several of the beach hut owners and I can confirm that is correct information it's on TDC website Lynne

The money for the refurbishment of Teignmouth Play Park has been in the Teignbridge budget for a few years it couldn't befor now because of COVID.  We started our plan 3 years ago but because of COVID it was very slow.  It is now coming to fruition when the plan is ready for consultation I will make sure it is out on here for feedback.  There is some money in the budget for Dawlish but we need to ...

13 Jan 2022

It was an item on the Teignbridge full council meeting Lynne £280k for refurbishment of Teignmouth Play park.

13 Jan 2022

DTC have put a tender forward for a childrens trail leading up to a flagship  play park at the manor which will be accessible for all children with disabilities able bodied children and children in wheelchairs.  I am chair of the Lawn Working Group that are pushing this project forward.  We will be doing a full consultation hopefully end of February beginning of March with the plans for everyone ...

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