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Not chippy chaps as they don't pay their bills I for one will not support a business that operates in this way. They have lost our £12 a week

The toilets are part of the bycycle tender, the tender included the provision of 2 toilets and their maintenance.

I know a local business that applied for the tender and didn't even get short listed.

Screwfix bigstuff have a shredder on special offer at £649 I have one of these and apart from the tyres being rubbish the machine itself is excellent. How much does gogreen charge ?

9 Aug 2015

If anyone doesn't want their green bin, I'll have it, I store chicken feed in them Just pm me and we can arrange collection.

Coryton Cove
13 Jun 2015

Closed Thursday when we were down there


9 Jun 2015

As above, below a post on some peoples names it does not show the message tag Anyone know why ?

9 Jun 2015

All is very well Thank you Moving to posh place then ?

8 Jun 2015

Carer, if you come across a bargain you can always store it at ours until you move.

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