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Gary Taylor
10 May 2017

Well heres one poster who had refrained from posting on this site for some time.I wont be missed I know, I cant for the life of me understand how GT has been bullied offsite Im sure as a Councillor he must have thick skin. I started this thread with my opinion of his postings I still  stand by what I said, opinions on politicians is commonplace on here but it was his persona of a councillor ...

8 May 2017

Gary I did not mean for you to close your account.My intention was to makeyou think about the way you were using this site to promote Lib Dem policies which was becoming repetitive and boring.As a Councillor for this town I thought you would concentrate on more local matters. You were becoming a party political broadcast for the Lib Dem Party and latterly promoting Macrons win with such relish I ...

8 May 2017

Should Gary Taylor take a leaf out of the book of our previous DTC posterMichael Clayson.? He posted on various matters relating to our community but never got involved in  party politics. I know he stood as an Independent but many knew where his political stance stood but never once on here did he push it. I miss his imput

I will throw in my lot with Theresa May at least we will get Brexit, not like the wet libdems and labour

Wrigley and Clatworthy were quite friendly with  each other chatting away outside the Polling Station in the Avenues yesterday evening

I voted tactically in 2015 Lib/Dems wont be doing that this time, nothing would induce me to vote for the wet lettuce Dim Tim. I want hard brexit so for once I will be voting Tory. I dont know if I can be bothered in the local elections as none of them inspire me

Lynne have you gone on the website provided and asked your questions or is it easier to come on here and organise a keyboard witchunt ??  Do you realise how upsetting this is to Caz who is a wonderful caring person , she has devoted all her time and energy into her Charity which is unpaid. She is not an entrepeunor earning vast amounts of money in fact she lives a very simplelife trying to do good ...

7 Apr 2017

BOO HOO its a family orientated fun festival music finishing at 11pm,not an alchololic drug fuelled rave, get off your high horse Lynne who put you in charge of policing everybody and everything.I used to find your posts interesting but just lately you are becoming a doom laden busybody !!!

20 Mar 2017

29th March DDay Article 50 will be triggered Hallelujah !!!!

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