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Tactical Voting - Newton Abbot Constituency

01 May 2017 14:14

I've been sceptical about tactical voting as I believe the leaders of the progressive parties; Labour, Lib Dems, SNP, Greens, Plaid Cymru should have shown real leadership and vision and formed a progressive alliance and set out nationally how to tactically vote. i.e. put forward 1 candidate only.


Elsewhere on this site I have stated that I would only vote for a Progressive Alliance if it pledged to deliver PR, abolish the House of Lords, etc.


None of which is going to happen in 2017. It is disappointing.


I've been on the Progressive Alliance website who call for grassroots change, voting tactically regardless of what any party's leadership states.


So in Newton Abbot the website states the best bet is the Lib Dems. No surprise there given voting trens in this constituency.


Here's the link, just fill in the postcode and email:


This article suggests tactical voting agreements too;


@Gary Taylor I stated that I would never vote Lib Dem unless the pledges above were on the table, but I could be convinced.

I'd like to know who is standing for the Lib Dems in this constituency, when will we know?

I'd also like to know what tactical voting deals are being made locally? Has a progressive alliance been formed in the Newton Abbot Constituency?

I'd like to talk to the Lib Dems in person about this, when is the next constituency meeting?


This is not an easy decision, especially given my disdain for the Lib Dems during the coalition and because I have serious doubts about the Lib Dem County Council candidate for Dawlish. And I will never vote for Wrigley. But I could put that to one side for a one-off vote in the general election.

But i would have demands, so that is why I want to know if a progressive alliance group exists and what pledges are the Lib Dems willing tomake to those of us who might vote Green or Labour?


I'd like to hear what other progressives think. If you're a hard-core Tory or UKIP supporter looking to vent your anger and prejudice (and who wants the hardest Brexit imaginable) then contributing to this thread will be a waste of your time. And you'll just be ignored as I already know what the regressive alliance stands for.

01 May 2017 15:20

Lol! "'ll just be ignored..."

Who made you King?


Or are you, maybe, a Troll?

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Gary Taylor
Gary Taylor
01 May 2017 17:51

Actually Indy Scot, while you are dismissive of Conservative voters, there will be many who would not be in favour of a hard-Brexit and would be prepared to give the Lib Dems here another go (having come within a whisker of retaining the seat in 2010) - especially given the odds-on certainty that Labour under Jeremy Corbyn will play no part in the future running of this country. 


Many traditional Conservative voters will also see Anne-Marie Morris not as an aid to a Theresa May government but as a likely thorn in her side. With Andrea Leadsom (Theresa May's PM contest rival, and AMM's choice of candidate) looking set for the drop (given she is re-elected) the writing is on the wall...

01 May 2017 18:09

@Gary Taylor you mention a close fought contest between tories and lib dems in 2010. that was before the disastrous coalition.

In 2015 the Lib Dems won 11000 votes to the Tories' 22000. Had you forgotten that? Very convenient.


In the context of a one-off tactical vote lets hope those Conservative voters you mention do decide to vote against Theresa May then.

But that is as far as I'll go - just because the term 'progressive alliance' is being used that does not mean that I view 'moderate tories' (whatever that means), the Liberal Democrats, Blairites and even Corbynite's for that matter as particular progressive in my opinion.


This tactical vote is about beating the right-wing agenda, that does not mean I agree with the centre right/neoliberal agenda.


@Gary Taylor but fair point about dismissing Tory voters although i won't lose any sleep over it- I wrote I'd like to hear from progressives. I don't really think that term should include the Tories. it's dubious whether it applies to your party too.


Would Tory voters not in favour of a hard brexit be interested in voting for the Lib Dems?

Farron and co want to reverse Article 50 and stay in the EU. Some pro EU Tories might be interested in whether any progressive alliance meetings are going to be held in this constituency. But not those who voted to leave last June and still want to leave the EU.

Furthermore any demands the Tories might have would differ vastly from those of the other parties.


I told you it'd be hard for me to vote Lib Dem after the Coalition years. Don't expect me to happily form an alliance with Lib Dems and Tories.


I need convincing, otherwise I might vote according to my values or just abstain. If the Lib Dems just become the next Tory-lite as New labour did, then it's a waste of time.


So no local meetings, discussions? Is there even any progressive alliance activity in our constituency? 

In other constituencies yes, but here?


01 May 2017 18:13

I voted tactically in 2015 Lib/Dems wont be doing that this time, nothing would induce me to vote for the wet lettuce Dim Tim. I want hard brexit so for once I will be voting Tory. I dont know if I can be bothered in the local elections as none of them inspire me

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01 May 2017 18:40

@roberta, that's fine, if you want  hard brexit you have the choice of the tories or ukip. i agree with you about the local elections.

01 May 2017 20:24

Well i have been a card holding member of the Labour Party for 40 years but when Corbyn became leader i sent him my card with a letter telling him where to put it. So i will  be voting for the Tories  for two reasons one to get rid of Corbyn the second to get us out of the E.U. as fast as possible.

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01 May 2017 20:30

thank you @leatash, guessing you didn't tell him to put it in recycling did you?

01 May 2017 21:36

I expected a reply but as yet nothing, now if i recieved a letter like the one i sent him, from a 40 year long member, I would want to talk it out and try and resolve a few matters.

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