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The reason the Govt is gradually bringing in the wearing of facemasks is pretty obvious to anyone who has been following the pandemic globally, particularly focusing on the southern hemisphere going into winter. In 6 to 8 weeks time, when the temperature starts to drop as autumn comes in, this virus is going to rip through this country like a hurricane (I was going to say tornado but it'll be ...

Lynne. We do get your point(s). But they always seem to be Marxist points. Getting a bit boring really - which is a shame as you used to have some great points of view.

It was known as 'The Hole In The Wall' for decades. It was called 'The Priince Albert'. No doubt he did something that upset someone so it must be demoliished immediately!!!!

Being a whinging git is easy! What are you doing to help? That could just be doing what you're advised to do right through to volunteering. When we come out of this I want to be proud of what I did. I don't expect the Govt to implant common sense into me - I hope I have enough of that to get by. Do you really expect that Boris (and his scientific advisors) is going to tell you, ...

11 May 2020

If people really didn't understand what Boris was saying last night then just stay're clearly far too dangerous to be let out on your own!

Right or wrong
3 May 2020

Why not let older people make the choice themselves?

As far as I'm aware, within the 'accommodation' sector, ONLY care homes, nursing homes and social care (care in your own home) companies come under the NDC umbrella.

2 May 2020

No idea - I don't know very much about Care Homes.

2 May 2020

Care Homes and Social Care Companies are not being 'given' PPE. All the Government are doing is sourcing it for them - the companies still have to pay for it. There is something called the National Disruption Centre which distributes the kit but if a business falls outside of that help then they must source PPE from whereever they can and at whatever cost. e.g. Mediworld in London are ...

1 May 2020

...but admitted (finally!) by the left wing, uber Labour Party supporting, BBC, was it not? Thought we were talking about PPE? Why the sudden switch to Care Homes?

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