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@Lynne . Yes you are correct. GWR HST do not have gaps at the top, Cross Country Voyagers do. Why, I do not know.  Just shows you that HST are the best and they were british built.

24 Nov 2016

Cross Country run only a few services to Paignton and Penzance. Most do not stop at Dawlish. All of them stop at Exeter St. Davids. I see peoples point but I do not think there Is much you can do to change there mind. I think that this Is all  down to seawater getting Into the gap at top of train.

@Monty . Just found out that there are 2 versions. Herald Express(for Torbay area) , and Plymouth Herald for Plymouth area.

5 Sep 2016

@Monty . Is the Herald Express printed in Plymouth, South Devon?

@leatash . Is that on top of your TV licence I pay for my TV stations?

I know your going to say, serves you right etc.etc. but I went Into the Baileys Restaurant yesterday and had the most vile tasting cup of tea In Dawlish. It was vile. So I went Into the Beach Cafe next door, got lovely food and a lovely cup of tea. It was beautiful. Go on say It, told you so. As you have gathered I am back In Winchester after a lovely break.

Thanks Lynne. Looks like I have brought sunshine for today but the weather forecast for tomorrow should be dry but cloudy. Thanks for the good wishes.

14 Jul 2016

The Eagle has Landed. Or In this case, Stephen 15 has landed. Fantastic weather here. Hope to see some of soon. I am only here for 7 days. I am based at DW.

11 Jul 2016

Thanks Morty. Sorry about delay In replying.

11 Jul 2016

Seeing that I am visiting Dawlish Warren and Dawlish from this Thursday, Can anyone tell me whats the Mudfest Event Is ( I think that`s Its name). this Saturday?. Thanks for any replies.

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