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I wonder what Farm Developments Ltd will make of this decision.

Lynne you would need to look at the accounts for each of the years following to find if a payment was made, as to the road I believe this was a farm track and not a public road.

29 Mar 2022

Yes but TDC did find 3 million extra to pay into the staff pension fund again last year and they keep saying they haven't got enough coming in.

The whole thing is another DCC mess up, when the cycle path was put in along the A379 that stopped there being enough space for traffic lights at the junction of Elm Grove Road and the A379. I have always thought that in this day and age of computers that a set of three way lights with pedestrian option for all traffic at stop in all directions could be put in. That would allow the removal of the ...

If it is not taken up it can become another block of flats for Teign Housing just like the ones across the road.

Excellent submittion but will TDC hide behind "but the goverment have told us to build this number" as per usual.

In addition to the wholesale destruction of farm land most of it grade 1 there will be the unrelenting pressure to build a by pass around Starcross and Kenton taking away yet more farmland and in the process possibly releasing yet more land for housing development. I also think it is about time that the goverment put into law that councils can set by law the percentage of affordable for each and ...

Or it will change to a block of flats and be counted as affordable or part rent part buy. That's what happened on the Redrow site.

1263 the reserves are mainly held for protection of the pension fund. Teignbridge accounts showed I think three years ago that they managed to find an extra 1 million pounds to pay into the staff pension fund, this was at a time when they were closing toilets and cutting services.

18 Dec 2020

On the other hand how much would it cost if they did not use the Wavewalker, and how long would it take.

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