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21 Apr 2021 12:27

There is to be a presentation to the town council planning committee (see info below) concerning a proposal to build a new care home to be located on a site near Langdon hospital and (probably) adjacent to the site of the new housing development that Persimmon is building.

That this site should be used for a care home is something that has been scheduled on paper now for sometime as it forms part of the Local Plan as to how Dawlish should be developed.  


However, previous applications over the past years to build care homes on other sites in Dawlish have not come to anything. Outline planning permission gets given then the developer comes back and says words to the effect of "Sorry, such a scheme to build a care/nursing home isn't viable now" and the land ends up with more housing on it.  

Just thought I'd flag that up in case people think it a slam dunk that the care home proposal will materialise into an actual care home.  If it ain't financially viable it ain't gonna get built! 


This is from the planning committee agenda:

Pre Committee Meeting Presentation at 6.30pm from QED Planning

A presentation from QED Planning on behalf of Lawrence Land in respect of a proposal for a new care home on land at Langdon.


This presentation will commence at 6.30pm with questions and answers being taken until 6.55pm where there will then be a 5 minute break prior to the start of the Planning Committee meeting


click on this link for more info  


21 Apr 2021 21:55

Or it will change to a block of flats and be counted as affordable or part rent part buy. That's what happened on the Redrow site. 

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