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Pete I like to see you repeat that if you HAD to use a disability scooter to get about then you would really know what a bloody pain in the arse is

All of you for gods sake GROW UP

New Tourist Signage
20 Aug 2014

Having just returned home from two wonderful weeks in Dawlish and the Warren I agree the new signage is excellent and will be very useful to tourist unfamiliar with the area. Staying in the Warren area I was please to see a new venue for food and drink ( The Silly Goose). I must say I was very impressed with the food, good value,plenty of it and very hot and certainly good to eat. On the other ...

23 Dec 2011

The amazing stats come from the fact that its a great site. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all

On our local forum the last entry on the discussion board was 2009 and now its been removed - result, a few people update the info look after the links and other than that NO INTEREST. please dont let that happen here, this is one of the few ways that people not fortunate enough to live in Dawlish can keep in touch. Thanks in anticipation

I have followed this forum for about a year now but only sign up today As a visitor (holiday maker) to dawlish for the last 20 something years, 15 of them spent at Ladysmile and Oakcliff I was quite surprised to see them sold. After search on the net and finding nothing I rang ladysmile told them I had heard it had been sold and enquired about next years holiday. They expressed great surprise ...

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