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Not too sure about my memory nowadays but the sum of £800,000 being paid to them springs to mind.

Pfizer vaccinations
13 Feb 2021

I know several that have had it with no problems other than a slightly sore arm. Looking forward to having mine.

Its so crowded there we dont go there any more plus you cant enjoy the walk because you are constantly looking down to avoid dog mess. Lots of places to go on Haldon with very few people about.

Anyone seen the planning application for gypsy caravans and mobile homes in Mamhead? Ref: 20/02046/FUL with Teignbridge. Its the field where the alpacas are.

I use ECHO for my repeat prescriptions and so far they have been excellent. I requested a refill on my phone on Sunday and on Tuesday they were delivered. Great service.  It saves me from having to go pick it up from the pharmacy which means one less person in the queue.

Dawlish's finest.
25 Sep 2019

Some of our local lads in court again. Lets hope they are away for a long time this time.

On the Inded Job Vacancy site there is local nursing home where they find it so hard to keep staff that evn the manager is leaving glowing reviews and getting the cook to do likewise! Cant say where it is but they have a nice sea view !

12 Aug 2019

I know of one that only pays staff extra on christmas day. Nothing for working a 12 hour shift on any other bank holiday through the year when the manager makes sure her and her "friends and family" wont be working.  Also nothing is done when lazy staff decide they dont want to do anything and the manager looks the other way because its easier. Nepotism, favouritism and bullying is rife but as ...

I wonder what those that lost their lives on D Day would think of the state the country is in now.

Piper Bill
7 Jun 2019

My wife was one of his carers at Palm Court till the end of his life. Said he was a proper rascal

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