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General Discussion

I wonder what those that lost their lives on D Day would think of the state the country is in now.

Piper Bill
7 Jun 2019

My wife was one of his carers at Palm Court till the end of his life. Said he was a proper rascal

Sensible debate.
20 Aug 2018

Just wondering. How often does a sensible debate take place here that doesnt contain name calling and personal abuse. It always seems to be by the same few.

Churchill Avenue
5 Jul 2009

Thats sad

4 Jul 2009

I did say it WAS ok....whats it like now?

4 Jul 2009

I lived in Third Avenue which is next to Churchill from 1977 to 2002 and never felt it was a bad place to live. Play park for the kids, close to the school, convenience store around the corner.....yeah it was ok.

3 Jul 2009

Ok I had to come back cos this is just funny!!!...See my original post....I have been proved right sadly. Byeeeeee

29 Jun 2009

Me owd china??.. I havent been on here for a while because my wife passed away recently....que the smart comment from Roy... but things havent changed much. Someone starts a thread and pretty soon Roy and his friends/enemies or whoever soon start trading personal insults. I dont think I'll bother coming back. Enjoy your time on here Roy!!

28 Jun 2009

All this forum seems to consist of is a few people who constantly accuse the other of being unable to debate anything and are only able to throw insults at each other and very little debate ever seems to take place! Ok, this may be the only thing they have going for them in they're sad lives but why not leave this forum to the more mature people who really would like to debate things and go to ...

ROY!!!!!....Did just read that right???? YOU......the man that cant type unless he's wearing his fishnet stockings..... were telling someone else to get a life????

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