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Bye Bye 2019
3 Jan 2020

Its absurd to believe we live in a democracy.

Who will become the next leader? And does anybody really care?

@1263 I didn't bring up Bradshaw's hairstyle in the first instance. @Burnside brought it up and I wondered if his remark was homophobic. Bradshaw is a good looking man for his age. What do you think I'm wanting to tell those who read Plus what is with the underlined YOU in caps locks? @Burnside If Bradshaw is 'on the effeminate side' - So what?

12 Dec 2019

@ burnside The 'bouffant Bradshaw'? A bouffant is a woman's hairstyle. Better to criticize his politics rather than his appearance. I'm no fan of New Labour. But are you suggesting he's effeminate? I hope that comment is not a reference to his sexual orientation. He is a rather good looking man for his age. I detect some jealousy. And 'dodgy voting'? Do you mean the first past the ...

@ Fredbassett I agree, electric cars are a con. The Green New Deal is just a con too, its an opportunity for corporations make huge profits from the coming 'green industrial revolution'. They see it a as huge opportunity.

@Margaret Swift I agree with with a radical reform of managment. But it's also about people taking more responsibility for their own health and educating themselves about how diet and lifestyle is linked to many modern diseases. Ideallly help should be given to those to quit addictive unhealthy behaviours such as smoking, alcohol consumption, over-eating (especially junk food). As this ...

@ burnside I believe all western countries have a moral obligation to poorer less developed countries. Expecially those former imperial powers such as Britain that have developed and grown wealthy at the expense of past colonies. Why do you think thousands of migrants leave their homelands? Those migrants would die if boats didn't patrol the Channel. And many do. They're not welcoming ...

My Mother and I both work in the NHS. And I agree many English people do drink and take drugs excessively.  But also many English people are obese and eat far too much unhealthy junk and processed food, they smoke and dont take any physial exercise or very little. All of which is self inflicted. So on the logic presented above, most of the population should pay more for their health care or take ...

@FredBassett That depends whether you view a superior or even a decent standard of living as being solely linked to a family's finances or as something much more than that. Our situation changed from one of financial stability to the opposite. Then the situation worsened to civil war. So I personally understand the plight of economic migrants and also those who flee conflict and seek asylum. ...

5 Dec 2019

My parents and I are economic migrants. Aren't we welcome in the UK? We contribute a hell of a lot to the economy and the UK in general. We did not travel here in a 'horde' either. Who do you think we are? The Vikings? Or the Orcs from Lord Of The Rings? We are not an army. We are human beings. The house I grew up in, before we came to the UK was superior compared to where we live now.

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