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@Majorlyangryp. We must be rambling on about different barriers in Dawlish, me old fruit. I'm banging on about the harmless barrier put in place to protect the cygnets, whilst you're referring to an actual accident (involving you????) elsewhere in Dawlish. Where there's blame there's a claim. I hope you get the help you need.

16 Aug 2017

Ground Control to Major P. That's one hell of a leap to compare the Grenfell Tower disaster to an orange plastic barrier securely placed across a short pathway. The former was allegedly caused by negligence, whilst the latter is merely the use of common sense that causes inconvenience to nobody it would seem but you.

@leatash . not even scotland?? ;-)

15 Aug 2017

And the irony / hypocrisy is appalling.

Fair enough, I think that the well-being of our cygnets is more of a priority than Majorp's and your own fondness for red tape.

15 Aug 2017

@majorp . do you really need a traffic regulation order to temporarily block off a footpath? are you referring to the path that has been temporarily closed off to protect our cygnets?

Sincerest best wishes to you.

Thank you Flo for your eloquent post. I will take part in the survey and smile wryly at those who question the need for it.

Pics today
12 Aug 2017

Super market prices
10 Aug 2017

It always makes me smile wryly when people assume that in-store grocery prices are going to be the same as online prices. Oh, and for the sake of accuracy, there's no such store as "Bargains Galore" in Kingsteignton. It's "Home Bargains", who are one of those short shelf life merchants.

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