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You know James Osben then do you? I thought not because he is about as far away as "a bunch of noses in the trough" as you can get.

Well I did predict
19 Oct 2019

Zzzzz old news, a snap poll does not show what is the will of the majority of people currently affected in the UK in Oct 2019. We have learnt so more since the lies of 2016

19 Oct 2019

The reason the process of leaving the EU has been so tortuous is because we had a bloody excellent deal and a lot of influence but because of some tax evading billionares the media has convince people that leaving will benefit us all. The truth is, it will only benefit the really rich. Wake up!! Don't be a Turkey voting for Christmas! And for the love of Charlie Brown, please fact check the poisen ...

17 Oct 2019

They promised that leaving the EU would be a great thing to do that would benefit us all and would be the easiest deal ever. Truth is, leaving EU is going to f*ck everyone except the really rich big time. The only way to stop this groundhog day nightmare is to revoke article 50 and be grateful for what we have.

Hmmm that sounds suspiciously like life under a Tory or centrist Labour government Care to join the dots or live in your biased world forever?  Red or blue pill? lol

10 Sep 2019

Vicks, it's the millionaire Tories that have created the loopholes. Why do you think they are all so desperate to leave the EU? It's because of the new tax laws that are closing these loopholes. The UK and it's territories are the greatest enablers of tax avoidance in the world!!

10 Sep 2019

Regarding the photo... The Guildford 4s convictions were quashed because they were innocent, or did you forget that small fact. Even The Sun had to admit that, albeit buried deep in a very small article like they always do when they are caught lying and have to apologise

10 Sep 2019

The labour MP you are talking about is John Mann who has done everything he can to undermine the Labour party since Corbyn became leader. The FACT is if you look at cold hard stats, antisemetism in the Labour party is 0.06% which is lower than both in the UK and in the Tory party. But don't let cold hard stats get in the way. Additionally the stats also tell us that the rate of antisemetism in the ...

7 Sep 2019

Really? So pathetic! Please try to answer my questions rather than  your pathetic smearing. So lame!! Breaks my heart theat you can be so brainwashed!!!!

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