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the snooky fest
4 Sep 2018

Goodbye Diana Mond

They would be giving good advice in that case.

20 Jul 2018

Very rarely do I recommend anything or anybody. But this time I feel the need to say what a wonderful service I received recently from Steve and his team. I had the most comprehensive eye test I have ever had, nothing was too much trouble and the result was a pair of glasses that I can actually use, unlike the last two pairs, shouldn't have gone to Spec Savers.

I believe that part of the lawn would be suitable to be turned into a small lake, forget kiddies play areas, there is the beach.

UPDATE The money I was owed went into my bank on Saturday. 4 Councillors have responded, Councillor Cox , has been by far the most helpful so far. My complaints are being reffered to The Monitoring Officer. The number.of Councillors who still have not bothered to respond to my concerns regarding the way the department is allowed to operate is disgraceful.

14 Dec 2017

Yes the £469 is the last instalment. I have kept all the emails and all the letters. I haven't the time to write the whole story here, but I am quite prepared that if anyone would like to make the trip up the hill, then they are welcome to see everything.

14 Dec 2017

@Diana Mond ,  the whole sorry saga started on january 23 rd and is almost resolved, when i receive the £469 , they promised me on december7th.  i'm sorry but it is a long and convoluted story, which would be too time consuming to post here. it is well documented though without conjecture. I would add, if anyone has a complaint against a Council Officer, don't use the on line form , as I did. ...

14 Dec 2017

Here is a warning , don't rely on any help from this list of Councillors,  to whom I wrote to in desperation last August. They are,  Edward Hockin, Lisa Mayne, Stuart Barker, Humphrey Clemens, Graham Price, Rosalind Prowse, Sylvia Russell, David Cox, Alison Eden, Vince Fusco, David Mathews, Jaqui Orme, Alan Connett, Chris Clarance. One has resigned, I know, hopefully the rest will ...

I have been informed today, in a letter from The  Trutees of The Snooky Trust that they will be winding their operation down at Christmas. I will be lookng for another charity, preferably local,  to support  from the sale of my books,  "In the  Roots" and "Visitors".  I have   two  more being published soon.  All suggestions  will be considerd.

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