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Well it's certainly looking that way burneside, bringing it up reveals your preoccupation with it.   And in the context of FredBasset's proud declaration of his racism you're hardly distancing yourself from him.   Go on, I dare you to deny it.

19 Jul 2016

Burneside, I know what you post and if you don't want me to have an opinion about you, don't post.  Meanwhile there's nothing 'clearly' about it, you assumed no-one would know otherwise.  I do. Whitechapel and Shadwell are not non-white neighbourhoods,  Whitechapel in particular is a vibrant, cosmopolitan area on the edge of the City of London. Over decades, alongside its neighbour Spitalfields ...

19 Jul 2016

Wow, a stroll through Watney Market, keeping it real there Burnside.  Were you buying your frozen vol-au-vents from Iceland? Actually I'm in London quite a bit too, I still own property there.   I like to see the friends I made - some of them are not white, not English and not Christian. You should try it some time, it makes you less parochial.

19 Jul 2016

London is a multicultural city, you won't find anywhere there that appeals to your purist ideas of dear little England As for Whitechapel and Shadwell, you clearly don't know what you're on about.  You're talking like you once went to Brick Lane fifteen years ago and couldn't get over how many curry houses there were.   Ha ha, didn't they have egg and chips on the menu?

19 Jul 2016

Fred Bassett aren't you faintly embarrassed to be talking such crock?   What areas of London are no-go areas?   Tell me precisely where because I lived there for 30 years and know it like the back of my hand.  You are saying it because that's what you want to believe.   I suspect you rarely venture out of your white-only hidey hole in Dawlish to have any first hand knowledge, you need to get out ...

Leadsom or May
14 Jul 2016

Ooh catchword alert, you've upgraded from Remainiacs to Remoaners.   Not heard that one, arf arf.

14 Jul 2016

You Leadsom supporters would not be calling for an election if she'd kept her backbone instead of burying her tax return.   (Seriously, had you just been watching The Hudsucker Proxy before you decided making her PM was a good idea?) Careful what you wish for with that general election though.    Brexit only means Brexit while TM is PM.   If I was a Labour MP who was unhappy with Corbyn I ...

With these turn of events maybe Boris will wrongfoot everyone and not stand - saves him having to face the scrutiny and have his hypocrisy exposed.

And were those accidents caused by the mobility scooter drivers, cyclists or pedestrians?

In fact he could well find a reason not to exercise Article 50.

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