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Thanks Lynne, that gives a good steer for the folk on here about who to vote for if they want a playpark or don’t want a park. Could you do a letter to the gazette with the same information?

Just about sums up majorp! Do you actually live here and take part in all the wonderful events that take place in Dawlish because if you do you really would know Alison and what she does!

3 days ago

Alison will be a sad loss for the town, she has done a brilliant job over the last few years!

So..........don’t vote Lib Dem! Narrows the field!

1 week ago

I suspect it’s all gone quiet as those councillors who want the playpark also want to be re-elected but wouldn’t be if they were to speak the truth about their wishes and plans. I suggest you don’t vote for anyone who has not spelt out very clearly what they propose to do for the town.

May's Brexit Betrayal
12 Feb 2019

@Scapegoat , based on your evidence and research just how are the youths of our country and the poor and middle earners going to be harmed?

Brexit - Part 2
2 Jan 2019

Thanks Leatash, excellent!

As you can see Webmaster, your fix has worked, so thank you for your time and patience.

4 Dec 2018

@calamari, what a thoroughly unpleasant person you are. Yes it has been a pain in the butt and I wanted to get it sorted and the Webmaster kindly did that for me. I think I was quite polite in my posts and really didn’t deserve your venom. I don’t come on all that often now because of people like you and your nasty uncalled for posts. You tell me to get a life, well, I’d say you are the one who ...

4 Dec 2018

Thank you Webmaster, I’ve signed in for the umpteenth time today so I’ll see what happens.

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