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2 weeks ago

£20,000 a day

Humans v alpacas! Der!

Based on the rate of progress made on the first Phase that should read March 2022! First Phase already 9 months behind the original scheduled date for completion and they still haven't finished!

But the footpath through that land has been Closed for a long time and it begs the question why? Did the town council agree to the closure of the footpath? Were the necessary notices advertised? I don't ever remember seeing notice of closure to the footpath.

Well said Fred and Deedoodle, you really do both speak the truth about all this. It really is now all about control and it is damm scary!

The sea wall
24 Jul 2020

You are so right Fred! It really is a Heath Robinson job down here! They have been building a Noah's Ark type structure out of wood for days, which is supposed to be the viewing platform for those in wheelchairs. I still can't work out what the finished product will look like but I'm sure it will prove to be a wonderful amenity for those with skateboards once it's covered in concrete! ...

24 Jul 2020

The seawall is NOT opening today, they may have it open by Tuesday! What a shambles! There is to be an immediate review into what went so badly wrong! It's already taken six months longer than planned and they still haven't finished, they will be back in the Autumn!

23 Jul 2020

So, what do you do if you are not going to meet your deadline? Well, if you're Network Rail, you fill up the holes in the wall with Gaffa tape, yes really!, and pretend you have met your deadline!! You really could not make it up!!

Well I hope footfall in the town is reduced because it was impossible to social distance today. I have always  supported the local shops and certainly over the last four months but no longer, I am not prepared to compromise my health. And when all the visitors have gone I will have established new routines and probably won't return to shopping in town. The town council should have been ahead of ...

4 Jul 2020

Duckileaks, the ones I'm talking about probably do have back doors but to get to them you have to go from the front. I know for sure that two have definitely been closed throughout lockdown.

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