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I am glad non disabled people will also be able to use the park.

7 Aug 2021

I believe the new playpark is to be in Manor Gardens, can anyone confirm this or have plans changed again?

Looking Good
17 Apr 2021

@Deedoodle I rarely post on here for exactly that reason. I simply reported what that area has been  used for over the last few months and look at the response I get! Very reminiscent of someone else who used to post on here......... or maybe they have, once again, reinvented themselves.

16 Apr 2021

@Vicks, why would you think my post wasn't serious? Or backed up by verified evidence, Sounded quite a hostile response to me! Is it so improbable we have a drugs problem in Dawlish? The wall is owned by Network Rail, the coastguard cannot move the people on the wall on. However, the week prior to the most recent episode, the men waiting and signalling out to sea were scared off when a helicopter ...

16 Apr 2021

Why so hostile Vicks? Are you part of the problem? Verified by my own eyes on several occasions, the last also witnessed by other neighbours. The last occasion I reported it to Network Rail, who have taken the issue seriously and involved Btitish Transport Police and since then there has been no activity.

14 Apr 2021

The first picture is the area where the drug traffickers wait at night to light the way for the boats dropping off the drugs in boat cove

26 Dec 2020

£20,000 a day

Humans v alpacas! Der!

Based on the rate of progress made on the first Phase that should read March 2022! First Phase already 9 months behind the original scheduled date for completion and they still haven't finished!

But the footpath through that land has been Closed for a long time and it begs the question why? Did the town council agree to the closure of the footpath? Were the necessary notices advertised? I don't ever remember seeing notice of closure to the footpath.

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