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Another dog attack on the Lawn this lunch time killing a black swan. That's two this month both females, at this rate we will not have any black swans in Dawlish by the end of summer. Then the town could be called  (The town that used to have Black Swans) A number of people witnessed the attack of the Staffy dog and this is a local person. The police had arrived and statements were taken. Speaking ...

1 Apr 2018

Mobile phone found at Lea Mount on Friday. Call 07502 812464 ask for Martin

They might as well cut it down, not that I'm advocating that but it looks absolutely awful.

Exeter Road
12 Mar 2018

Ziggy, typical work ethic in this country. Start at 12-noon finish at 4 pm...... Teignbridge Council needs to get their act together and clear the storm damage at Coryton Cove...... By the look of Tucks Plot, there will be many months before this project is anywhere near completion.

10 Mar 2018

Was there a dog attack on a black swan last week on the Lawn, just hearing about it can anyone confirm?

The Lawn is a wonderful open area. Apart from the bandstand it should remain as it is now. The proposed play area will be white elephant that will be no doubt be vandlised. We are lucky to have this open area, I'm surprised that it hasn't be occupied by travellers. If it ever was a least they would have a play area.

1 Feb 2018

It does not matter where you or your ancesters came from and quite frankly who cares. The post does not incite hatred it's the truth there is no racist remarks, well not that i read but I'm sure someone on here would disagree. I remember all to well the morning of September 11th. I was driving to work about 9am on a sunny morning doing what I had been doing for 30 years in my adopted country of ...

31 Jan 2018

That's great look forward to it, who's paying for it?

31 Jan 2018

True, Calamari can't wait to see late at night how it would be used and destroyed, oh and don't forget the storage container that's going in as a cafe on the state of the art put put golf that should draw in thousands work on it started and don't forget the Cyclist that will stop by for a quick round and a cup of tea.

26 Jan 2018

Bastins sold!! no clue on who's bought it, perhaps a charity

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