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leatash's Posts

I would think they are pretty good at it Lynne.

8 Jul 2018

I wonder how much racism there is behind closed doors as folk are too frightened to air their opinions in public due to current legislation.

Clean Air
8 Jul 2018

Well i suffer with Asthma and have just spent two weeks in the Lakes and have not once used my inhalers i arrive home last night and i am already using them and it's solely down to the air quality in the centre of Dawlish

Just dont speed it's so simple.

I was only reading that link a couple of weeks ago in my opinion he was a great man the electorate were with him but those in power just couldn't see it but what he predicted will happen and probably in the not too distant future.

Bastins still to let
17 Jun 2018

Something else i have noticed i now recieve less and less mail as everything is online Bank statements,gas and electric bills,car insurance,house insurance all online i wonder if the posti will eventually disappear.

Green loss
17 Jun 2018

Powel was spot on i was always a big supporter he spoke a lot of sence if only folk had listened to him.

17 Jun 2018

Well Lynne we never used to have a problem with shortages of skilled workers they were home grown, maybe we need to turn the clock back and teach more practical subjects in school like we used to in my day. I had lessons in metal work forging, carpentry, brickwork, gardening and learnt real skills that i still use now.  Nurses didnt have to have a university education, they were trained in house ...

16 Jun 2018

A million people every three years means pressure on our roads, schools, the NHS housing etc etc so if we are dependant on immigrant labour then first put in the infrastructure to cope.

Does it not go through private property at Coryton Close.