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Dawlish News

Lynne my diet over the years has changed little my kids eat the same it takes little or no time to prep and cook simple meals folk have lost the skills it's to easy to open a jar or tin. I am going to collect rose hips for the rest of the day to make syrup that has 20 times more vitamin c than a orange folk need to learn these skills again it's not rocket science. My advice is prep food the night ...

10 Sep 2018

Why not when i was a kid it was meat and veg every day in one form or another leftovers in soups and pies, for tea bread and jam and cake all homemade breakfast was porridge on a Sunday fried breakfast, and now my diet is about the same as it was then.

9 Sep 2018

I do buy local but there are things we cant or dont grow and citrus is one of those so as i dislike the EU with a passion it's the lesser of two evils. And remember at the moment the hedgerows are full of good food my jam pan is working overtime and the freezer has twelve months of stewed apples and blackberries all i need is a drop of custard for a great pudding.

9 Sep 2018

All the citrus i buy are grown in South Africa i refuce to buy EU produced citrus fruit and it's no more expensive.

9 Sep 2018

9 Sep 2018

Main meal ingredients for the last seven days the only thing i have purchased that was not produced in the UK are string beans from Kenya and my meals have been meat and veg every day if we change our eating habits we can eat BRITISH and farmers will thrive. Back to basics food is the way forward meat and veg thats all you need for a healthy diet, but remember we can also impose high tariffs on ...

9 Sep 2018

7 Sep 2018

I dont believe there will be a deal am i concerned at that prospect not at all i welcome it with open arms it may be a opportunity to toughen up our snowflake society.

6 Sep 2018

Operation Yellowhammer.

4 Sep 2018

Food waste in England - Parliament (publications) - Parliament UK

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