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Lycra louts about.
8 May 2018

Diana Mond, It always makes me smile at the figures you produce just to verify for those who are interested. 46% exceed the speed limit on motorways. 8% on single carriageways. 53% in 30mph zones. to put these figures in perspective the proportion of drivers exceeding the above by more than 10 mph is, motorways 10% single carriageways 1% 30mph zones 6%. So the higher ...

Exeter elections
5 May 2018

burnside you are spot on Farage should be given a medal it was his doggedness that forced a referendum on our membership of the EU and for that we owe him a debt of gratitude.

Just because a dog chases and atacks a swan doesnt mean it will do the same to a child most dogs under the right conditions will chase and kill wildlife it's in there DNA.  I have just watched the owner of a Lab that was on a lead fighting with the dog who was intent on getting to ducks in the Brook, the same dog a few moments later on the sea wall was a placid doing as it was told dog.  Now if ...

The Stars & Stripes
28 Apr 2018

Trump hints at repercussions for any country opposing US world cup bid, this man has serious problems.

flo i would imagine the owner of the dog didnt decide to take his dog on the Lawn to kill a Swan his mistake was to ignore the sign's asking dog owners to keep there dogs on a lead i see dog owners doing the same on a daily basis.

27 Apr 2018

A dogs instinct is to chase birds rabbits sheep etc its not the dogs fault its the owners for not having it on a lead i have seen owners this morning walking dogs by the Brook not on a lead but who is going to enforce it. Is it the job of the Police, TDC or DTC if it's the Police can they spare a officer to patrol the Lawn 8 or 10 hours per day and the same applies to TDC and DTC it's just not ...

One bed flat in Knightsbridge £5,950,000 at those prices i can live with slower broadband speeds and the cost of water.

The Stars & Stripes
27 Apr 2018

Has he fixed the problem or have the Chinese been having a word on the side with Kim Jong-Un and told him to wind his neck in.

The average rent for  a one bed flat in central London £2,430 per month

27 Apr 2018

I notice they dont include the cost of rent or property prices in there figures.

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