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Whilst it would be lovely to have them back, £10K+ is a heck of a lot of money. Let’s hope that they’re storm-proof.

31 Jan 2018

How bizarre that anyone would repost onto a Dawlish forum, something allegedly written by an AA pilot, that was first released onto the internet way back in June 2002. The post above serves no purpose other than to incite hatred.

31 Jan 2018

Not to forget the new Moan-In Centre planned for town. Hopefully it’ll be a big enough venue for you lot.

31 Jan 2018

Says more about you than it does them, but there you go.

Passport Cost Hike
29 Jan 2018

They don’t want foreigners to come to the UK, but it seems that they also don’t want UK nationals to visit foreign lands. No matter what colour passport you have... And as for those poor souls without internet access... Pasted from the BBC News app: The price of a British passport is to rise by £12.50 from 27 March for those applying by post. Currently, an adult's passport costs ...

25 Jan 2018

Plod isn’t wrong. Just because you say that he/she is wrong, doesn’t mean that is so. Another lie from you. I don't get charged for texts that tell me that my parking period is almost complete. Another lie from you. Your question re ANPR has already been answered by Plod. Another lie from you. I fear for your mental health, as you’re clearly not all there. Therefore, ...

The choice will be narrower at the next local election, as I’m sure Alison Foden will stand for her beloved Lib Dem party. At least she’d finally be honest about her political affiliations.

24 Jan 2018

Exeter City Council don’t use Ringo. You’d better tell Shergar that. And tell him how much the convenience fee actually is...

All ASDA own brand milk is from UK farms. It make you wonder who makes up these lies, and why they do it.

22 Jan 2018

Irrelevant to the thread, but thanks for the reminder.

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