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Lindapetherick's Posts

Such a shame that this site is not used for the benefit of the dawlish community and ideas to develop our little town.  It just seems a forum for nastiness and vendettas.

The answers to all the questions being asked on this thread are on the Rock Pool Cafe facebook page. Please do take the time to read it.

I have been in it is a fantastic shop. Looking forward to all the workshops.

We have got the survey Lynne .

Can everybody please leave this couple alone now and let them get on with trying to make a living.

It is a lovely centre that provides holistic therapies such as reflexology massages and reiki healing.

That happens with all elections.  All we can do is try our best to serve our community.

A petition will be at Open Daw for signature. Angie the co ordinator has also put it online. She is also hoping to put one is some local shops.

I have spoken to Mrs Holman and they have no knowledge of any such report.  Would Merlin228 please let us know where they saw the report and please give us a contact name and telephone number in order that we may verify this report.

It is so sad that this has happened.  This was a fantastic facility for visitors and people of Dawlish. Debbie and Don are fantastic at making you welcome and they have worked so hard to make this cafe a success.  I hope they get the support they need to get this cafe up and running again as soon as possible.   If this was a deliberate act I hope the police find the people that did this.