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Lindapetherick's Posts

Lynn you or any members of the public can attend the lawn meeting on Friday morning the group is feeding back at the next council meeting.

I don't have a problem with the expression local girl, my husband always refers to himself as a local boy born and bred in Dawlish.   She will give Anne Marie a run for her money

I went down yesterday it was a fantastic atmosphere.

The 5k grant was for marshalling and marquee. It is only fair to pay for that as we have paid for the air shows marquee.

Questions need to be asked.  Why did braking Wind not get the contract at The Warren Toilet site? Who did get it?  Does Teignbridge not care that a local trader not getting the contract

Eric Sims fantastic decorator let me know if you want contact details

22 Jul 2015

It is at the Manor on Wednesday 5th August.

We didn't need to focus on the DW toilets as far as we knew they were being kept open until the conversion was done then the toilets would continue to be open alongside the new business.  We did what we needed to do for both sets of toilets.  Dawlish Councillors did fight hard for both sets of toilets.

10 Jul 2015

DTC have taken TDC Councillors to task it is them that should be fighting our corner and it is the community of Dawlish as well as DTC that should be making sure that happens.  Lynne's suggestions are spot on.  Things  are done (decommissioning of toilets) at TDC without consultation or communication, DTC council didn't find out until a couple of weeks ago we did fight it, but we were told it ...

9 Jul 2015

I am appalled about the toilets at The Warren. As far as I was concerned it had been agreed to keep the toilets open. Then out of the blue we were told that they had been decommissioned.   We were told that TDC were paying for portal loos as if we should be grateful.  They did try to get DTC to pay for them.  The Teignbridge District Councillors should have voted not to close the toilets.